Coronavirus Crisis as an Opportunity for Spiritual Awakening

By Darko Pribeg,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, this whole global situation can look like a bad dream. You know that feeling in a dream when something gets really really wrong and the dream is one step away from becoming a nightmare.

And then you wake up, cozy and warm in your bed. At that moment you are so happy to be back in this reality and to realize that all of that chaos was just a dream. What a relief! Can you recall the feeling?

A similar feeling happens with a real spiritual insight. The difference is that in that case, this life is a dream, and the reality we wake up to is something beyond comprehension of our everyday personal mind, beyond the understanding of our dreamer selves.

So, what does this have to do with the Corona crisis and how could it help us deal with the situation easier?

As we live in intense times, the chaos doesn’t have a tendency to decrease. Quite the contrary, with all the challenges we see coming in the near future, it’s likely that it will keep growing rapidly.

It will be harder and harder to find security and something we can lean on or rely on in the outside world. The illusion that circumstances give us security will crumble like a house of cards. For most people, the mind will become louder and create more suffering, more resistance to their experience as it is, which is no wonder.

As there is less and less to cling on to, something entirely different has to be discovered. When the dream is too overwhelming and painful, the only way out is to wake up. So, there is something different, something our personal mind would never think of. There is more to life than this experience that we call everyday “reality”.

Existence is bigger than this life, this dimension, this planet, civilization, or human species. And don’t take these words as a platitude. What I’m doing here is turning the attention of your consciousness in the opposite direction of the one you are looking at all the time.

I’m pointing you to directly “see”, rediscover the basic and infinite part of your Being, of All That Is. You have the capacity to uncover this part of you at any moment. Right now, don’t give your mind any space to start a story, to start objecting. Just stop for a moment, notice how you feel, and be still, just as you are.

So, there is something else except this thing we call a person – “me”, my life, and the familiar experience of life. There is more. Discovering this “more” is what spirituality really is. Remembering what we really are.

Now, this remembering and discovering go infinitely deep. I don’t want to present some concepts that will stay just concepts. I want you to touch it yourself, to get a taste for it. The moment you just touch this vastness, a huge step within you is made.

So you don’t need to go infinitely deep and discover all the dimensions out there and the whole intensity of Being. Instead, just be. Now. And just keep reading.

On the other side of experience, there is stillness, unity, oneness. And we can reach this stillness while having the experience of the outer world at the same time. Stillness, the empty space of being before experience is where real peace and security lie.

These peace and security are unconditional meaning that they uncover our spiritual nature that is as it is, no matter what, it’s not dependent on the circumstances in any way. It doesn’t care about our life situation, future or a global crisis. It doesn’t care about death or suffering. It is our only ever-present safe harbor.

At challenging times as is a personal or a global crisis, there is an increased need to rediscover this place inside of us. Because if we don’t, life becomes unbearable. And if we do, life becomes more beautiful in ways we didn’t even think possible before, even in the middle of what we would call external, collective crisis.

So, waking up in a spiritual sense is realizing that first, our whole experience is not reality, but a story our mind is generating at the moment and secondly, that we are ultimately not this person we think we are, but that we are something we can’t really define or describe, much bigger and much less personal, which sees and feels everything much less personally. From this perspective, whatever may happen to this person and its life is not that much of a big deal.

Don’t try to understand any of this logically, intellectually because you will get nowhere. Don’t try to understand it. Period. Feel it.

When it touches you, the truth is so liberating, so amazing. Just imagine all this as a dream from which you can wake up in your cozy spiritual “bed” where everything is perfect and perfectly in its place.

Doesn’t just a notion of this idea soothe your whole being? Well, that’s because it is true. And we are starting to realize it.

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