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What Effect Will Today’s Scorpio New Moon Have On Your Zodiac Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

This New Moon is the last of the month but the first luminary in Scorpio season. New beginnings are waiting for us, mostly internal and related to the self.

Being in the intense watery sign of Scorpio, the New Moon also has the influence of the Mercury Retrograde taking place on All Hallows Eve.

Since both the sun and the moon are in the same sign now, intense changes will shake our lives. Uranus’ opposite position to the Moon throws in chaos and unpredictability into the already intense mix.

Here’s how the zodiacs will fare under such dark skies:


This New Moon’s mystic energies will be felt by you rather deeply. Your intuition and magical powers are heightened under the moonlight so don’t be shy of your inner witch. Team up with your mystic friends under the Moon and start a ritual to set your intentions for the upcoming cycle.


The New Moon will keep you focused on your romantic life. You will be finding new ways to find balance and create harmony in your relationships now. Try to figure out the problematic parts of the relationship and improve on them.


As your Ruler Mercury is all prepared for the Retrograde motion, you will be anxious now. Take this New Moon as the time to begin a self-care routine. Find out ways that best suit you in order to control your anxiety. TLC is the way to go!


The Moon will be in a fellow water sign so be prepared to face some unexpected curve balls! If an ex shows up with new promises, don’t jump into it immediately. Before you let the past re-enter your life, think about the consequences carefully.


The New Moon is bringing some changes in your life philosophy. As you realize the shift of perspective taking place, embrace the change. Be your authentic self and forget about how others may perceive you.


As Uranus is positioned opposite the Moon, you may turn up your sass a bit too much. If you catch yourself being too sharp-tongued, control yourself and apologize. It is not wise to unnecessarily ruffle feathers.


Money matters have been rather pressing for the Libras this past month. The birthday party expenses and your usual avoidant tendencies have been adding up and putting you under intense pressure. But now the Moon’s bringing money your way. New opportunities are just around the corner but invest in them wisely.


Romance is on the cards now with the presence of the Moon in your sign and your season just beginning. Enjoy the dark night sky with your beloved, near a sea if possible. You are feeling all the feels so go out and celebrate love!


This New Moon will bring magic in your life. As you take control of your life, turn your dreams into reality. You will grow as the Moon waxes and see your life turn into a magical fairytale!


Scorpio energy is all about being rough and tough on the outside but sensitive and emotional inside. You must embrace this energy during this Scorpio Moon and show your vulnerabilities. Your friends are here to help and comfort you. Don’t be shy to share your dreams and hopes with your close ones.


The Moon has been setting the stage for a brand-new opportunity for you at work. As you go from strength to strength, climbing the corporate ladder, here is one more great opportunity for you! A new position may be up for grabs and you will be the perfect one for it!


New avenues of self-expression are opening up for you under the moonlight now. Express your true self and be unapologetic about your true feelings. You don’t have to suppress your voice to appease others.

Embrace the Scorpio New Moon energy and bring the change. Transform yourself inside out.

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