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We Are All Experiencing A Massive Sense Of Chaos And This Is Why

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By Jim Self & Roxane Burnett

There is a change underway in humanity and the Teachers of Light and All That Is are very excited about it.

The Teachers of Light have told me that many Great Beings (with and without physical bodies) are watching humanity and are surprised (and wowed) by the direction we are taking to uplift not only ourselves and our planet but all planets and all form.

However, most of humanity is not aware of this change or its contribution toward it. This pathway has been given to us to clarify and establish a timeless set of tools that will fully anchor our potential and create a firm connection with All That Is in order that this evolution steps up and continues in a smooth manner.

This Shift of Consciousness is so far-reaching that our limited imagination cannot begin to grasp the magnitude of the changes we are now experiencing. As part of this transition, almost everything we have taken for granted is falling away or reconfiguring.

The rigid frameworks that once dictated the way nations, cultures and individuals experienced themselves in our third-dimensional societies are unravelling. This Shift is not only altering our consciousness, it is also changing the world around us.

It is affecting every aspect of life on the planet: our political, social and economic structures, the environment, the weather, every institution, wars, how we view our relationships, our work, every thought we think and every feeling we feel.

It is altering time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our perceptions of good and bad and right and wrong, and, most especially, our awareness of what’s possible.

Every day it seems as though there is more injustice, fear, chaos and conflict in the world. For many such observations are disturbing and upsetting. It isn’t easy to watch as people around the globe are being killed or the coral of the oceans is dying.

This Shift will occur whether we pay attention to it or not. Humanity and the planet are changing whether we resist it or assist it. So the question is: how will you choose to move through this Shift?

Although you may not recognize it, the Shift is providing new understandings of how we can once again live in harmony with each other, the Earth and All That Is. Together we are becoming a global community.

The third-dimensional structure of duality – black and white, East and West, right and wrong, us and them, good and bad, and male and female – is changing. On the one hand, many dividing lines are becoming less distinct. On the other, we are watching extremism, division, separation and fear all around us.

We’re moving from the third-dimensional experience of separation and extremes to a way of life that allows for greater possibilities, connected communities and an expanding sense of ease and wellbeing. However there is a period of transition between where we currently exist and this new Heaven on Earth.

And this transition will sometimes be rough and uncomfortable. If you observe any segment of culture today, whether it be religion, politics, education or relationship, you may notice that separation and division are more prevalent. Racial tensions, human rights, wars, fear and bullying have dominated the news and the attention of many. Things seem to be getting worse, louder and less kind.

To reach that Heaven on Earth, everything that is of a lower vibration must be brought up to the surface, out into the light of day and released. This is why such a high degree of conflict exists in the world right now. As unpleasant and uncomfortable as it is, this increased unrest is a good sign that the imbalances are leaving, soon to be replaced and uplifted.

Worrying about the conflicts and wishing them away does not make them go away. These responses are the very source of what draws the fear and discomfort too you. The Law of Attraction applies here.

You will become much more aware of how the Shift is affecting you and how to move smoothly through the changes by quietly observing, creating a point of balance and releasing the imbalanced issues within yourself first.

This is the pathway through the seams of the transition to find ease and wellbeing. The Teachers of Light designed this path to make this transition smoother.

This was an excerpt from A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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