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How To Find Out If You Have Met Your True Twin Flame

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are people who are strongly against searching for outside confirmation of the connection with their twin flames, simply because someone will tell them this is their twin flame, while others will tell them this isn’t their twin flame.

Well, the reality is that only we, our twin flame and our Divine know the truth about our connection. In fact, one significant lesson on our journey with our twin flame is to learn to trust our judgment and trust what comes through in the 5D rather than simply going by everything our naked eye may see as 3D reality.

Getting the 5D confirmation about our connection with our twin flame is hardly recommended, as we will have to learn how to trust the 5D signs, as they will be everything that we will get during most of the journey.

This is not only going to be regarding our twin flame. It will be our new and different way of living as we shift out from our 3D destiny, and we start living our lives in the miracle and magical, filled 5D reality.

This is going to be our starting point where we will enter the world which doesn’t work on “seeing is believing” which has been our 3D reality, but rather than that it works opposite – “believing is seeing.”

Here is a foolproof method:

  • We should choose one sign which will be symbolic for us and our twin flame, but which will also be uncommon enough so that we will not see it frequently and everywhere;
  • We should write ourselves an email in which we will ask our God or Universe to show us the sign that we have chosen, for three times in the following three days if it is our twin flame;
  • We should then go about our business, believing that our God or Universe is going to show us the sign right when it will be the appropriate time. We should not look for that sign actively, and when we think about it and not seeing it yet, we should tell ourselves that if the person is our twin flame, our Universe is going to confirm it.

In this way, we are going to be sure that it is not random luck, when we see our sign once. In the realm of twin flames, three is quite a common sequence.

Usually, random signs of twin flames, when our Universe wants our attention, are going to come, particularly in three. Moreover, three is the symbol of the connection of twin flames, the Divine Feminine, and also the Divine Masculine, together with the joint higher self.

We have to believe that if the person is our twin flame, our Universe is going to give us confirmation. Twins really play a significant role in the lifting of planetary vibrations, which means that our Universe wants to see us and our twin flames together.

However, when we don’t get the sign that we were asking for, this will be our answer from our Universe – the relationship even though valuable in its own ways, isn’t a connection with our twin flame.

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