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Mercury Stations Direct For A Season Full Of Prosperous Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

During the previous few weeks, the planet that rules over communication, Mercury, was traveling in a retrograde direction.

This made our texts go haywire, emails being unsent, as well former lovers resurfacing seemingly out of nowhere. But those are all to be expected whenever a Mercury retrograde takes place.

However, on February 3rd, the planet will finally start traveling direct. This means all the pandemonium of the last month is also going to be wrapped up.

Retrogrades are types of transits that kind of puts planets to sleep, as per the opinions of astrology experts. Now with Mercury stationing direct, we can think of it as similar to the planet waking up once more.

However, the planet will not be at full blast right from the get-go. Despite that, we should see some of our frustrations easy up.

A Time For Looking Back

Try to look back and look over everything that you have been taught by the retrograde. This is particularly important for any of your plans regarding business, the health of your finances, or any foundations that you are building for 2022.

The previous period was a bit tougher than usual since Venus was also retrograding along with Mercury. However, we should not think that only bad things come from retrogrades.

Rather, they are usually a chance to review and reassess everything that has been happening in our daily lives. So, in the coming weeks, try to do exactly that. In turn, this will help you move forward from the recently concluded celestial spin.

The year’s first Mercury retrograde had begun in Aquarius. Then, in the middle of the transit, it entered Aquarius. Astrology experts say that this move is not unprecedented even though it is quite uncommon.

A similar mid-retrograde move will take place whenever Mercury retrogrades again this year. Astrology experts explain that Mercury will keep changing elements and signs repeatedly. Every time, it will start while residing in a sign of the Air. But then it will start going direct again in a sign of the Earth.

This will repeatedly bring to the surface a simple theme: taking the intentions, thoughts, and ideas that the Air signs bring you and then transforming them into things that are substantial, real, and solid which is the focus of the Earth signs.

A Time For Bringing About Noticeable Change

This is good news actually. It implies that the Mercury retrogrades can push us towards making real changes wherever they are the most needed.

The previous weeks asked us to keep an open mind and focus on going with the flow. This should be the mindset if you want to take advantage of the coming shifting tides.

On December 29th, Mercury and Pluto form a conjunct aspect. Astrologers explain that the aspect that may have a bit of an obsessive nature, or it may make us dig for information in some way.

If we have memories of how we were affected in December, then we will probably be affected again on Feb 11th, during the aspect’s lass pass. Try to think back and see if there are any loose ends to tie up. Sometimes, we have to look back first before we can move forward.

This Mercury retrograde’s end also gives a special booster of good energy, since it will form a trine with the North Lunar Node ruling Destiny. So it will be intense energy but everything that happens during this period is possibly positive and fated.

The vibes of the retrograde will not be over instantly from February 3rd, though. The planet will regain its speed only on February 23rd. Till then, just sit back and relax and try gaining some clarity about what occurred during the retrograde. 

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