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These Three Planets Are Retrograding And It’s Actually Not A Bad Thing

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by Conscious Reminder

Whenever you come across the term ‘retrograde’, you get terrified. Well, rightly so – after all, retrogrades affect our daily communication and work. Our energy starts to deplete at a fast rate. It’s really a horrible phase.

Of course, life doesn’t stop and we just struggle through retrogrades. But not all retrogrades are the same. In April, there have been retrogrades of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter.

We have encountered retrogrades of Mercury which has set an example of how worse it can get. Well, good news – these planets will not have such an effect. Mars, Mercury, and Venus are inner planets and these have a major effect on our lives.

On the other hand, the Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are called outer planets. They are very slow and they affect our life chapters and not our instant daily lives. They are indeed quite beneficial.

Jupiter Retrograde: Searching The Soul

Jupiter is expansive and spiritually enlightening; it helps you get into a philosophical pursuit and make luck come in favor of you. Jupiter is about making things larger than life itself. Jupiter going retrograde is about growing.

It started back in 10th April and continue down to 11th August. It is going through Sagittarius. It’s a home sign and hence, bring brand-new perspectives towards you. Your mode of thought is going to change. Thus, it is opening up areas of self-discovery.

We have to understand that if we are really looking for any kind of growth, then we need to first discover ourselves. Our own minds are full of different answers which we can tap into.

All we need to do is be open-minded and accept the opinions of other people and cultures so that we can finally have a more expanded mind and perspective about the world and ourselves.

Saturn Retrograde: Becoming Responsible

Saturn is also called the Lord of Karma and hence, it is one of the most feared planets. But don’t get scared – just be mindful of what you do and what your priorities are. You have to be accountable for any mistakes that you might be making.

Become more committed. Saturn will make you capable. This retrograde started on 29 April and goes till 18th September. Become your teacher. Also, Karma might seem like bringing bad things in our lives. But we don’t see it as justice. Karma will always bring something back which we have done in the past.

If we have done well by others, then this alignment is something we should be grateful about. It will reward us with something, though it may be in a completely different form. Similarly, bullies and abusers will get their right ‘reward’ as well – Karma will make sure that they are not overlooked during this period. The planets are all about making this right.

Pluto Retrograde: Looking within

Pluto is also referred to as the God of the Underworld. It is related to death and to rebirth. It rules Scorpio. But it just shows us a way to be one with our darker side. Many of us try to escape our darkness because we think it is malevolent.

Pluto’s energy is not so. It shows that part of the shadow which is blocking our inner light. It has many answers to many of our questions. Starting from 24th April to the 3rd October, we will unravel these mysteries and be transformed.

Use the expansive powers of Jupiter during this period as well – it will open up a new perspective through which you can deal with the inner answers that you decipher during this period.

So, don’t be afraid of these retrogrades. Embrace it and transform yourself.

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