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Why Zen Dog Walking Is So Beneficial

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by Conscious Reminder

Walking our small furry friend could appear as our responsibility sometimes. However, it may also become the way in which we can meditate and release ourselves of stress.

A long and joyful walk two times during the day is quite healthy. This is not only on spiritual but also on emotional, mental, and physical level.

Zen Dog Walking will be an excellent method of releasing stress and preparing ourselves for a more productive day. We have to start each morning with some nice walking in nature together with our pet.

How to actually do Zen Dog Walking?

Zen is the feeling; in fact, it is the awareness. If we don’t have time in order to meditate because of our busy schedule, we should try the easy method of Zen Dog Walking. First of all, we have to choose our route.

It has to be a quiet and green place, where there is clean air, and where we can hear how the birds sing. For instance, it may be some quiet park. Then, when we finally approached the place, we should try focusing our attention.

We should clean our mind and be conscious of our surroundings. We should be conscious of the taste that the clean air has, or the sounds we hear. If we have the chance, we should take off our shoes in order to wall on the grass.

We should actually feel that grass under our feet, and enjoy the awesome state of experiencing and being in this world. Regardless of the fact that it sounds very simple, it does miracles for sure. This method has a lot of benefits for us.

These are the four most common Zen Dog Walking benefits:

Immediate stress reliever.

Although we do not approach some higher mind states, this is definitely a method of meditation. However, we are working on our focus, and we experience mindfulness.

Zen Walking once a week will do miracles; however, doing this on a daily basis is going to prepare us for our day and for all those stressful situations which come with it.

This practice is also going to help us to forget all of our problems, worries, and fears. It is even going to take our negative thoughts away as they fill our mind every single second. It will fill us with harmony, joy, and peace.

Balances our mind.

This meditation will also bring harmony to our thoughts. It will help us feel relaxed and calmed. It is also going to bring us the everyday dose of calmness and peace, which we need in order to have a harmonious mental and emotional state.

Fills us with positive energies.

We should take long, together with relaxing breaths. We should let our body to fill itself with new and fresh oxygen. Moreover, nature, green plants, and trees are abundant in positive energy.

In fact, they will be an excellent source of love and light. This walk is going to fill us with compassion, joy, and happiness. Our dog is going to feel our good mood and peace and is going to join us in all the fun.

It will strengthen our connection with our dog.

Long walks around peaceful places will be an excellent way to connect with our dog. We should let our dog take us where he or she wants. We have to be quite mindful, and also enjoy this walk. We should let our furry friend show us the path. We should not worry and let our fears go.

Also, we should let our dog discover new trees, plants, or even places. We need to enjoy the sounds and the view, and even stay present. Our dog is going to be grateful and happy for all the freedom which we offered him or her.

We should not think twice if we are supposed to try this method as soon as possible. The benefits it has are numerous. And, we are going to enjoy it just like our pet will too.

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