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What’s Your Role In Life? Are You A Teacher, A Student Or Maybe Both?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What are we in our everyday lives, teachers, or students?

We should pay attention to the answer that will come to our mind immediately.

We should take a look at our behavior patterns that we actually exhibit unconsciously and regularly: are we answering the questions of other people often or are we seeking information on a regular basis?

Which direction we usually take in some room which is full of individuals: are we the speakers or the listeners?

The truth is that this is a tricky question. We are both students and teachers. We have two gifts, listening and speaking. We also have the needed expertise to digest and share.

We are trained to play the two roles: receiving and giving, accepting, and offering. They are balancing acts within that which we actually bring to this world.

In fact, the answer that we choose first is going to reveal what is the voice which is much louder in our being: our ego-mind or our soul’s voice.

And, right before we rush to any conclusion or judgment that one of those voices is much better than the other, we should remember that both of them are valuable and necessary. Both of them form part of us.

Teaching is actually the service which is offered to other people who are looking for new information, understanding, and wisdom about themselves. In fact, teaching is said to be giving.

Studying is about being wide open to some new and different information and also willing to apply that information to our lives for greater balance and growth. Studying means receiving.

Usually, we unconsciously lean to one role over the other as we feel more comfortable and more empowering. However, we shouldn’t lose our sighs of all those needs to balance receiving and giving for our biggest growth. We have both abilities, together with the power, in order to utilize them for our highest good.

We should honor our wise soul as the qualified, experienced, and knowledged teacher that has some gifts for us to offer. We should honor every person that wants to be the student of our wisdom.

We should honor our wise self as it is the open student who is eager to expand beyond his or her known zone of comfort and learn something new. We should honor our teachers for everything they gave us.

These are two essential and needed parts of us. Both are our gifts which we can share and offer. Both can elevate us to some high levels of personal empowerment and self-knowledge.

What do we look like as teachers in this real world?

  • Teaching some classes on topics which bring us joy naturally;
  • Offering some additional insights, particularly in conversations of every day;
  • Sharing how-to or tutorials on websites or blogs;
  • Writing “only because”;
  • Encouraging growth and nurturing.

What do we look like as students in this real world?

  • Schedule sessions with some other practitioners;
  • Seeking answers to topics, we are interested in;
  • Attending conferences about a passion;
  • Reading “only because”;
  • Planting seeds around any life area, and nurturing those plants to grow.

The two lists actually connect to our area of growing interests and expertise. We should simply have one of the many intentions on mind: growing in both these areas.

We should balance ourselves internally, knowing that we are masters at receiving and giving. We should honor ourselves as masters who are growing and expanding in each possible role.

We are actually gifted with learning and teaching wisdom.

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