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The Spiritual Significance Of The Fall Equinox And Ways To Celebrate It

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by Conscious Reminder

This weekend, ie September 22nd/23rd, 2018 is the fall equinox which indicates that autumn has officially begun.

For those in the south, it is the vernal equinox which is a marker of the start of a new spring. A rather mysterious time, it is essential that we be fully present for it in order to help ourselves awaken. 

The Equinox And Spirituality

In tradition, this equinox is seen as a time to celebrate all that we have reaped. Summer is just about done bearing fruit and we are now collecting those fruits in order to be ready for the cold of winter. There are also other signs that come from sacrosanct places from ages past.

We can see an underground pathway in one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt being lit by a star in the constellation of the dragon, a light that looks like a serpent with feathers and seven scales falling into the enormous pyramid of Mexico, a pyramidical representation of light from the sun aligning with the equinoxes falling on a cave that is meant to symbolize the nether realms and the huge status of Easter Island turning towards the sunset and leading to the dark. 

Our ancestors were well aware of the role of the dark in the changing of the spirit. Conservative people have a superstitious fear of that darkness and in the modern world, we simply do not pay attention to it. However we are forced to confront it during this equinox as the days grow shorter and the nights stretch out interminably before us. Be respectful and show your appreciation for the dark as you cannot grow without it. 

Celebrating The Fall Equinox

1. As a celebration of all that you have gained in this year, it is important that it involves an expression of thankfulness. Write down all that you are grateful for and try to maintain it throughout the year if you can. You can begin by just saying thank you for the meal on your plate and the house which gives you shelter. 

2. Clean your house thoroughly and get rid of any imbalance. Let go of useless things. Using essential oils for cleaning will also purify your house. 

3. Get creative and start work on artsy autumn handicrafts. 

4. Release the past and get started on something new. As it gets colder outside, you’ll be spending most of your days inside so take up fresh tasks and start working on them. 

5. Find out when the harvesting happens in farms and orchards near you and go help out. Take a picnic with you to celebrate hard work and the coming of autumn. 

6. Cook a recipe that uses ingredients which are specifically available during this season. Eat it with the people you care about and teach them to make their own list of things to be grateful for. 

7. Use all those artsy things you made thanks to Item 3 and make your home a tribute to autumn and all its wonderful colours. 

8. As the night and day come together during the equinox, it is the perfect time to work on balancing yourself through meditation and yogic practices. 

9. One of the best ways to enjoy this equinox is to have a bonfire. With all the dancing, singing and melodies, you will truly be welcoming autumn into your hearts. Just make sure that everything you do is perfectly legal!

10. If you intend to tick off some stuff from your to do list, set a pace for yourself and begin to organise your time properly. This will help you concentrate on finishing whatever you start. 

11. Nothing is more important than nature and more so during the equinox. Spend time in the great outdoors and find your centre. 

You don’t have to restrict yourself to these pointers in celebrating this wonderful time. As long as whatever you do has some meaning for you and those you love, rest assured that you’re on the right path. 

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