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Full Blue Moon & Halloween: A Mix Of Powerful Energies Coming October 31st

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by Conscious Reminder

Halloween 2020 is a potent day with the added energy of the second Full Moon of the month.

The Full Blue Moon rising in Taurus marks the day when it is believed that the veil between realism is the thinnest. With two Full Moons this month, it is a time to unravel and release.

Full Blue Micromoon

As spooky as the Full Moon Halloween is going to be, there are many other scary aspects of this Full Blue Moon. The 31st October Moon is a Micromoon. That means it will be further away from us than usual. It will be less bright and appear smaller. Micromoons are associated with natural disasters and bad weather. It also influences our moods more than usual.

While Full Moons are points of completion, this Full Blue Moon won’t give us the release we need. It will push us close to it, but we might not cross the boundary. Even if you’re fed up with that project or person, you can’t quite let it go yet. This feeling might hang around till the next Full Moon. The November Full Moon will also bring an Eclipse, which will help us finally bid goodbye.

Uranus vs. Taurus

The planet of unexpected changes and awakening, Uranus will be conjunct the Full Blue Moon this month. Usually, when Uranus and the Moon conjunct, some shocking news can be expected. Emotions will be at an all-time high, which will make us easier victims to our own triggers.

The best way to deal with this unsettling energy is to channel Taurus’ groundedness as the Moon rises. Ground yourself in the present moment, and it will help you deal with the surprises better. Don’t let Uranus catch you unprepared. You can control these problems.

An Auspicious Night

This luminary takes place on the night of the Samhain. It is also the time for the rising of the Pleiades in the Northern Hemisphere. The thinning of the veil is connected to both these events as well as the Day of the Dead.

31st October is the day to celebrate Día de los Muertos. Coming from Aztec traditions, it is celebrated mostly in Central America. Across all these events from various traditions and cultures, this particular day and night is believed to be the time when spirits from the other side reach out to us.

The presence of a Full Blue Moon only amplifies the thinning of the veil. We will become more intuitive and reach out to the higher realms easily. Even Uranus, the one ruling our Kundalini energy, is also associated with awakening. This further supports the energies of the day.

Make The Most Of The Full Blue Moon

In order to harness the best energies of the night, you can start working with your Chakras. Visualize each of them awakening and shining like the colors of the rainbow. Let them activate and connect to not only your higher self but also to the higher realms.

Say a prayer or offer some other personal gesture for your loved ones on the other side of the veil on this night. Celebrate them in your daily life. And this day is not just about the death of our loved ones. It is also the time to acknowledge the other deaths in our lives.

We are constantly evolving, and many things, good and bad, are completing their life cycles. Honor them this weekend. Let Nature be your guide in acknowledging death and rebirth. Observe the eternal cycle moving, with new deaths and rebirths at each moment.

This volatile Full Blue Moon reminds us to remain grounded in the worst of times. Only when we are rooted and calm can we reach out to the other side. Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to death. It is a natural and necessary passage.

The things lost to death have a way of returning to us, often in a better form. Are you ready to make the most of the spooky Full Moon?

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