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Pisces New Moon March 17/18th — Purging Old Wounds, Stale Energy And Bad Memories

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes we get so used to the way things are happening that we don’t want anything to change. All the small discomforts seem manageable when compared to the familiarity. 

But when they get too much and we finally remove ourselves from that situation, we realize how much better we feel now. This Pisces New Moon would be like the time just before the change, the discomfort is on the rise to make you break free of it.

Anytime the Moon’s phases are in prominence our emotions ride high. This moon will make us aware of the acute discomfort, of ourselves, of our friends and family and the sorrow in the world in general.

We will realize that many of these issues have always existed and we always suppressed them. But no more. This New Moon is in conjunction with Chiron, the planetoid which brings our old wounds and sufferings. But it makes another very powerful trine: that with Jupiter located in Scorpio.

Jupiter will find a way to kick start all the action. And being located in Scorpio it will be targeting all the rot and molds first of all. Everything will build up to a point that it cannot be ignored any longer and time for Catharsis is near. This is the time you’ll be looking at your wounds with increasing awe, fascination as well as fear.

You might be tempted to pity yourself because of all the pain you’re undergoing but that’s a very limited perception. You should rather focus on the end of an era which started with Chiron placing itself in Pisces way back in 2011, February. This might be a great opportunity for looking back to the past and retrospection about your life up to that point.

Just because you are being reminded of the past, doesn’t mean that you will wallow in self pity. There is a lesson to be learnt from the past after which you will have to move on. Mars is going to influence you with a drive to move ahead and achieve things you’ve always wanted.

This is a time where actions are the only things that will make a difference; the kick that you need to finally shake off the past completely and embrace what’s in store for you. It is also possible that the lessons you’ve learnt from the past will provide the final piece of puzzle which you needed to start on a new journey.

This New Moon is the time to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Clear away the cobwebs from your life and resolve the wounds and the hurts of the past so that you can make a fresh start.

Be prepared for heightened emotions, as you might get overwhelmed with all the nostalgia and compassion that you feel for other.

This is a time for great sensitivity and if handled correctly, it can further your person journey of evolution.

art by: Susy Soulies

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