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How To Tap Back Into Your Happiness After Experiencing So Much Suffering

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by Conscious Reminder

Feeling low and being sad is sometimes a natural thing in our lives. All of us have our downs and up.

Even when we suffer from depression, we can find ways in which we can brighten up. We might feel depressed or sad because of situations or events from our past.

That is something normal as we can all get hurt at one point or another; however, we should not dwell on those feelings and events, as our future holds great things for us.

But, we are supposed to do something about our future and help ourselves become happier and stronger.

These are the four powerful ways in which we can release our past suffering and pain and become happy again:

We should get a good night’s sleep.

When we are really well rested, our mood will automatically be better. In fact, sleep deprivation may cause nervousness, irritability, and even stress, which will affect our immunity and mood. That’s why sleeping well will enhance feeling well, physically, and mentally.

We have to ensure that we get about eight hours of good sleep each night so that we are going to get up easily every morning, and our everyday lives are going to be more active and productive.

We are going to become better balanced emotionally, and our creativity is going to spike, while our overall ways of living will get much better.

We should practice mindfulness.

When our mind is depressed and sad, it will overthink and also cling to some completely wrong things or will worry about every negative thing which may occur in the near future.

This is all really unnecessary, and such negative thoughts are only going to encourage bad feelings and misery, which will definitely not help us with overcoming sadness and depression.

But, if we turn to practice mindfulness, we are going to teach our mind to be more focused on the now and forget the past or stop worrying about our future.

As being focused on this moment is going to be unnatural to the mind, we need to give it a little help to master the skill. We should focus on everything that surrounds us right now and use all our senses.

We should distract ourselves.

When we have our minds not stimulated and bored, it means that they went to the dark place they usually do and overthink. In fact, that’s why it would be important to keep our mind busy in order to forget about some painful feelings and past events.

We can easily accomplish this if we get a new and interesting hobby, or we can simply go out and enjoy some quality time with our family and friends.

Such minor activities are going to keep us, and our brain continually occupied, while the negative feelings are simply going to be pushed aside for some time, and later they will entirely disappear.

We should exercise more.

If we start exercising more frequently, every bad feeling may disappear soon. Regular exercise will bring a lot of benefits to our minds and bodies, and it may even help us stay better focused, and also overcome our depression.

When we exercise, our bodies are going to release endorphins that will help us improve our immunity and our mood.

There are many other health benefits that regular exercising provides us with, like preventing heart diseases, cancer, low blood pressure, etc. It will even contribute to our self-esteem.

We should pick the exercise regime we like the most. We can visit the gym, practice yoga, pilates, or martial arts. We can do anything else we feel comfortable with doing.

We can also try something different and challenging like rock climbing, in order to have fun while our minds and bodies get the exercises they need.

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