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Don’t Worry About Zodiac Sign #13. Your Sign Hasn’t Changed

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The internet promptly panicked when many outlets reported on a resurfaced January NASA report explaining there has always been a 13th constellation, and, possibly therefore, a 13th zodiac sign or also known as Ophiucus.

There is nothing to be worried about though. You can rest assured that, regardless of what is being spoken around nowadays, your Zodiac sign is the same and neither the dates pertaining to the respective signs have changed.

While everyone can agree the constellations have shifted in relation to the earth over time, the zodiac sign you’ve always identified with is based on a Western, “artificial” system.

This system is based on the sun and how the planet revolves around it, which is why zodiac dates don’t change regardless of what’s going on in the stars — the rotation around the sun always remains the same.

The addition of a “novel” zodiac is nothing but a rumor. There still remain 12 signs in the astrological structure accepted in the modern astrology.

All the updates prevailing in the news and on the internet are regarding a couple of features that are not even related to the modern astrology.

Here is a brief clarification to all of it:

1. All the distinct zodiacal systems use separate signs. The dates that we use on a regular basis in our calendars are the ones that are used by the modern zodiacal system; whereas others adopt a different method of computing the dates and zodiacs. For example, the Indian Vedic system takes the dates twenty three days before the regular calendar dates.

2. The method or technique that has been used since always remains in place and no changes have occurred in the way astrologer’s chart is computed.

3. The modern system derives calculations from the formations of stars that lay between earth and the sun. The “new” arrangement of stars that was rumored to be the 13th does not even lie between earth and the Sun, no matter how close it is.

You can further browse through the internet looking for even stronger reasons explaining the same.

Also, the updates that are being talked about are not a part of the official news but only theories based on several assumptions.

It might also interest you to know that the move actually has managed to bring a lot of attention to the astrology system.

Posts from people depicting the reactions of themselves on how open they are to the change, have been trending lately.

It is quite the issue to take into consideration that how exactly is the system defined and who decides which constellation carries what significance. Nonetheless, there is no way to find who the expert is!

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