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When Time Comes To Burn The Bridges, This Is How To Cut The Soul Ties

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of things happen around you which you are not able to see with your physical eyes. For example, every time you interact with a person, you exchange energies with him or her.

Or, when you are in a relationship, particularly if it includes sexual interaction, you create a so-called “soul tie” or “energetic bond” with that individual. As time passes, and your relationship becomes more profound, your bond will do that too.

This is actually excellent for relationships which keep growing and last longer. However, this is something dangerous for relationships which do not survive.

When you end a relationship with someone, it does not mean that the soul tie or energetic bond will disappear with him or her. When you tie emotionally and energetically to someone, you will need to take action in order to sever the tie.

In fact, a lingering energetic bond or soul tie with a person can cause damage to you. Breaking a soul tie is not something easy.

There are a lot of ways in which we can break such types of ties or bonds; however, these are the five most common steps which will help us:


First of all, we have to admit that we created some kind of soul tie with a person. This can be the most challenging step sometimes, as people usually like it when they live in constant denial.

However, there cannot be something more empowering and stronger than acknowledging that we actually have problems and that we are taking the needed steps to solve them. When we say them out loud, it will be a sign of gaining back our powers.


It is not important anymore what went wrong or who is guilty in our relationship. Our peace will matter the most, so it will be the time of finding forgiveness for ourselves and our ex-partner. Focusing on the blessings and lessons which came from our relationship will be one easy way.

What did we learn, or how did we grow? Also, how did we benefit, or how are we a better individual? Although it probably sucks or feels unfair, we should not skip the “Forgive” step. Forgiveness makes everything easier when it comes to severing the tie.


We should close our eyes and visualize ourselves standing right in front of our ex-partner with one cord connecting our hearts. We should make this quite real in our heads – feel and see the tie which binds us together.

After that, we should imagine ourselves cutting that cord. We should be creative with the process. We can use a sword, imaginary scissors, or chainsaw too. However, we have to make sure that we are doing it lovingly.


We should collect every item that reminds us of this individual and our relationship with him or her. We should throw the things away, donate them, or delete them if they are on our phone or computer. Regardless of what it is, we should remove it from our sight.


We could write our personal letter to the person, telling him or her that we release them and forgive them, so they can keep moving on in their lives. We don’t need to send messages, because getting them out on a piece of paper could be a quite powerful experience.

There are times that this is going to take more than only one session, so we may need to repeat the steps if we feel ourselves still connected to this person. We should know that this is something normal too.

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