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Tonight, Venus Enters Gemini: Romance Is Light-Hearted & Flirty

by consciousreminder
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by Fiona Edgar
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Tonight, Venus, the Goddess of love enters the mutable air sign of Gemini until the 3rd of July. Romance is light-hearted and flirty in Gemini with a tendency towards fickleness.

We may be faced with multiple relationship options to choose from but it’s important to stay grounded and make decisions with both the heart and brain, not the other organs.

Long term partnerships can work with this energy by trying new things together to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

We should avoid any situation that compromises our honor or threatens the stability of relationships and shouldn’t do anything behind our partner’s backs, even if we think that we won’t get caught.

The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, enters its shadow period on the 20th of June, and we want to avoid creating any Mercury retrograde headaches for ourselves.

To determine how this energy will personally affect us, we should look to the Gemini house in our birth charts. The transit doesn’t replace the Venus that we have in our personal natal charts but is an influence that will touch each of us over the next few weeks.

In Astrology, the planet Venus is the co-ruler of the signs Libra and Taurus and she symbolizes both love and money in our lives, with some of her other attributes including beauty, sex, pleasure and our self-worth.

Venus is one of the points on the birth chart that an astrologer looks at to understand how the native gives and receives love in their relationships with others. Venus helps us to find harmony and balance in our relationships and we can work with her energies to solve conflict and smooth over arguments.

Venus in Gemini’s hot erogenous zone is the mind, and we’ll feel drawn to people who stimulate us on an intellectual level and offer us freedom and space, rather than partners that want to get heavy and serious quickly.

During this transit, we’ll prefer flirting and teasing over deep and intimate conversations and we may play cat and mouse games with potential love interests.

Gemini is an intellectual sign and we’ll appreciate this trait in others, taking pleasure in conversations about any topic under the Sun, as long as it isn’t boring.

Gemini is known for being flighty, so we should take any whispered words of love with a pinch of salt as our lovers may change their minds about us in the morning.

We should try to have fun and enjoy romantic moments without falling in too deeply as Venus in Gemini love can be like cherry blossom – light and beautiful but the flowers easily get blown away from the tree by a strong breeze.

During this transit, we feel hungry for information and may spend money on books, magazines and tools which enable us to communicate with others, such as computers and new phones.

Feeling more curious and with an appetite for new experiences, we may plan short trips and arrange to hang out with friends, siblings and neighbors.

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