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Is Astral Projection A Dark Power?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Most people hold two very distinct opinions about astral projection.

While some believe it is enlightening and alters one’s views about life and spirituality, others believe that it’s an evil practice and should not be encouraged. Let’s analyze what the nature of astral projection truly is.

Astral Projection: Meaning

Astral Projection is a process through which one can have an out-of-body sensation. It liberates your body from the physical constraints and transports to the astral plane with the soul.

This method takes a lot of time and dedication to master and enables you to experience the depth and spirituality of the astral plane through meditation.

Is it risky?

It’s not!

In this method, you connect more deeply with your soul as it becomes your only guide. If something happens to your spiritual body during this time, it won’t affect your physical body and thus during any uncomfortable moment you will simply wake up from it as if you were in a dream.

The vulnerability that your physical body will experience is similar to the kind you feel when you sleep. Whenever you sense danger, the nerve endings will give out a warning, making your soul go back into the physical body.

There’s no risk of any bodily harm, provided you are not practicing on the streets.

Is it evil?

Astral plane does have negative elements and energy that you might have to face. The demons tend to suck out vibrational energy from others, resulting in negative side effects in the innocent astral plane traveler.

However, correct training and practice will help you handle these beings.

The method is not evil or demonic at all. It’s completely spiritual and wholesome with no religion, ritual or sacrifices involved.

It’s a way of widening our spectrum and perspective by channeling our positive energies. The act of liberating the soul also frees us from the burdens and restrictions of this realm.

Those who say that astral projection is evil are misinformed and ignorant. Therefore there’s no need to pay heed to their opinions.

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