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June 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Peace And Quiet

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by Conscious Reminder

June has quite a few bold cosmic alignments like the Solstice and the Super Full Moon.

Nevertheless, it should still be one of the quieter months with plenty of time for resting and recharging while having some fun.

The previous two months had asked for some pretty intense soul work. It’s all about being light now, both physically and mentally. So let’s head forward and see what June 2022 has prepared for us.

June 3rd: Mercury Retrograde Ends In Taurus

The present Mercury retrograde had begun on May 10. Because it also coincided with Eclipse season, we might have felt particularly foggy about the next step to take. However, that is set to clear up with Mercury going direct. But be wary till June 19th as the shadow period will persist till then.

June 4th: Saturn Goes Retrograde

The Saturn retrograde will last for a while – all the way till October 22nd/23rd. This retrograde energy subtly asks us to reflect on our maturity and growth. Even if Saturn can be the zodiac’s strict teacher, there are a lot of rewards awaiting us if we patiently pay attention to its lessons.

June 11th: Venus-Uranus Conjunct

The Venus-Uranus Conjunct will take place in Taurus and will let us feel free in our expressions of creativity and love. The energy of this planetary combination is helpful in dismantling barriers and finding the path to greater love. It also gives a boost to creative work.

June 14th: Super Full Moon In Sagittarius

Super Full Moons have a simple reason behind their larger than usual appearance – they are in closer proximity to Earth.

This also means the Full Moon’s influence is stronger than usual. However, this lunation carries a soothing tone. Its energy will be a reminder to find joy in everything we do. There is no need to remain serious about everything.

Furthermore, this lunation will help us release any final attachments that might still be present after the recent intense transformations. Additionally, it will also be a potent illumination source, and bring new perspectives to things.  

June 21st: Cancer Solstice

One of June’s most powerful days is the Solstice. It marks the day when the Sun enters Cancer. It also indicates that summer has truly begun in the Northern Hemisphere, while for the Southern Hemisphere, winter sets in.

These energies are believed to make the veil thin and heighten our receptivity to our surrounding world. Furthermore, the planet’s energy grid is believed to become perfectly harmonized during a Solstice making it the ideal time for connecting with Earth’s healing energy.

June 28th: New Moon In Cancer

This New Moon is in close proximity to the Lilith Black Moon. As such it will activate both dark and light feminine energies. The one that needs challenging inside us might be the one we have to work with.

For activating the light side, it will be about nurture and self-care. While for the dark side, it will be about setting boundaries and putting our needs first.

June 28th: Neptune Retrograde

After Saturn, Neptune will also start its backspin. As such, there will be 3 planetary retrogrades at the same time, including these two and Pluto. This is an annual and natural occurrence. As such, during this period there may be higher truths shown to us. Shadowy issues might start getting clearer.

June 30th: Sun-Lilith Black Moon Conjunct

Lilith stands for the dark and forgotten feminine powers. At the same time, it also represents psychic energy, transformation, healing, and sexual power. During this alignment, repressed energy may surface so that it gets cleared.

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