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The Summer Solstice Is Taking Place On June 21st: Are You Ready For A Hot Summer?

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by Conscious Reminder

Well, ‘joy to the Earth’, Summer has come!

Friday will see the Sun being at the highest point in the sky which is called the summer solstice, at around 11.54 am EDT.

Now, this is what begins the summer in the northern hemisphere, leading to all those EDM songs about summer by Martin Garrix, and David Guetta.

Although it does feel like we have been suffering the wrath of the Sun God for quite some time now, meteorologists are of the opinion that summer is usually the three hottest months of the year- June, July, August.

According to climatologist Brian Brettschneider, the hottest month in the year is usually the one which comes quite a distance after the solstice has actually taken place.

This means, that there is going to be a lag between the summer solstice, and the peak temperature in the year.

By 11.54 AM, the Sun will be directly above the Tropic of Cancer, which is the highest it can go up in the sky. Since it is the farthest north up in the sky, places which are close to this phenomenon, usually face the longest days of the year.

Most cities in the USA would see varied amounts of sunlight. Anchorage in Alaska would see 19 hours of it, Seattle and New York would find itself with 15 hours of daylight, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta would see 14 hours of sunlight, while Miami and Honolulu would get less than 14 hours.

Ironically, while most people call it the ‘longest’ day, it is usually the one with the most sunlight. For, every day is 24 hours.

At this point, the daylight would be consistent for a certain number of days after which it would start shrinking every single day until the winter solstice in December.

Around the world, people have their own way of celebrating the advent of summer. People in England visit Stonehenge which hosts summer celebrations every year. On the other side of the spectrum, the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere would lead to the beginning of winter in the South.

If we actually think about it, the reason why we have equinoxes and solstices is because the Earth is tilted on its axis due to an unknown collision with a planet billions of years ago.

And as the Earth revolves around the Sun while being tilted on its axis, this results in the northern and the southern hemisphere trading and exchanging warmth and sunlight every six months.

What are your plans for the 21st ?

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