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5 Signs You’ll Notice When Everything In Your Life Is About To Change

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people think that life is actually a linear path, but it is not, it is a circular one, and a lot of things are there to make us recall what already occurred.

The world in which we lived is created of patterns, and because of that, we are able to predict our future. When we know what happened, we have the advantage also to foresee some future happenings and events. In fact, it is the art of Omens or also Divination.

For instance, when something is about to undergo a change we are going to ‘feel that in the air.’ Our Universe can surprise even the astrologers or mediums that are best qualified.

But, there are particular things which occur right before some great energy shift happens in our life, and such things occur in order to prepare us for some change. The omens are going to send us some messages to prepare ourselves, as well as receive an enormous boost of energy.

Can you actually feel that change?


Changes occur when a person wants to liberate himself or herself from some debts from the past. Such debts can sometimes be manifested in the form of a routine that will make that person feel seek. Do you feel annoyed from this life? Are you desperately in need of something different and new?

When the life of a person is prepared to end just like that person knows it, the person will feel some gentle wind of freedom that shakes his or her past. So, nothing will ever stop that person. He or she is different, and that difference can be felt. Nothing will shock them, as it is free and it is what actually affects their new life. 


In fact, when something is about to go through the process of change, a person will continuously notice the numbers 1 and 9. Actually, these two numbers are the ones of the Ends and New Beginnings. For instance, the repeating process of these numbers can be when the person looks at his clock.

Such numbers also seem to be present everywhere, which will drive the person crazy. He or she will try to realize why and how this keeps happening all the time. Well, it simply can.


Oftentimes, when some change or transformation is about to occur, a person will continuously see dragonflies or butterflies, or even some other types of animals that symbolize that some change is on the way. The dragonflies and butterflies are thought to be the spirits of ancestors that try to make some space for the final.

However, a person should not try to realize from where they come, although it is winter season. He or she should keep with his or her flow, and prepare for the shift of energies.


Oftentimes, such omens happen as dreams. Seeing some strange symbols while asleep constantly, waking up regularly remembering some powerful and vivid dream that was full of symbolism, are some of the most common.

However, they do not only occur while asleep but in our reality as well. Some strange symbols in the sky and the clouds or some graffiti sign on a particular wall are probably trying to get the person ready. Moreover, the person can experience prolonged feelings of déjà vu. The unique déjà vu sense will wake the person up just like he or she knows what will occur.


Due to a reason, nearly every person that stands on the way of finding, as well as discovering a different and new path in life, will experience some surprisingly improved libido. Just like the time returned back and the person magically feels young once again, prepared to engage in the greatest and most interesting mysteries of life.

The increase of the levels of energy is often translated from the body like enhanced or improved libido. The person has to remember to guide the energy so to experience some pleasure, as well as awakening.

Art by Florencia Burton

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