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Love Your Flaws & Virtues Equally And Unconditionally

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by Conscious Reminder

Human beings adore giving out some love to others; however, they also abandon the person that needs their love more than anything else – themselves.

For many people, this year was an enormous journey, particularly the one of self-love and self-acceptance, two areas which are connected together, but also two victims. 

The word journey is used lightly, as many people believe that self-acceptance or self-improvement represents the lifelong journey which does not lead to dead end destinations. 

Learning how to love themselves may be quite challenging during their best times. It is something that people struggle to actually do, just like they are not meant to do it.

Self-acceptance and love are very important for people’s mental health and well-being. They are going to have difficulties in living their lives fully if they are continually focused on their flaws, mistakes, or everything they think they were supposed to do.

Their mental state will affect their life quality, so if they are considering improving some area of their lives, it will definitely be the starting point.

The misconception which many people have is that they need to be perfect in order to deserve self-acceptance and love. In fact, the truth would be that the term perfect was never supposed to be the word utilized to describe human beings. Every person has flaws, and that would be definitely okay.

People make mistakes, mess up again and again, but as a result of that, they grow and learn. They should choose to actually feed the wolf that is good, particularly on days when they feel like they should let the evil one win.

While people tend to prioritize jobs, friendships, relationships, and family, they forget to pay attention inwards, in order to see what is happening in their minds. In order to move on, they should take into consideration self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

In order to improve some area of their lives, they have to forgive the mistakes that they have made, accept everything they did and what is out of their control, and even learn to actually love those elements of themselves they don’t like at all.

Sometimes, self-loving will be taking time out from everything. Self-loving will also be calling up their friends for a conversation. Self-care doesn’t have wrongs or rights.

It will all be about what really works for people. They should choose themselves, even for one day only.

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