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Declutter You Mind, Finances & Emotions. It’s Time For A New Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Human beings are energy, we can all agree to that. This energy governs us, makes us work.

When the energy flows in its joyful and blissful motion, we are too happy to take notice. But when it is dark, depressing, and reminds you of destruction, you must start finding the reason behind it.

Or well, you could always de-clutter. Get rid of all the things that cause you immense pain. You could de-clutter your living space while also balancing the energy outcome through this process.

Hardly surprising, therefore, that de-cluttering has taken up a huge part of everyday lives now. And here are three ways through which you can declutter your living space, as well as life.


Haven’t you experienced the relief which comes as a result of spring cleaning, or others? Removing things that don’t utilize themselves gives immense pleasure.

For now, you are allowing the Universe to create and cause miracles in your life, with the space left by decluttering.

If there are clothes you haven’t worn in a while or anything that you don’t use, give it to the less unfortunate and declutter your space. The same could be done for literally any item.


If you de-clutter your wallet of ticket stubs, packets, receipts and the like, it wouldn’t really matter if they were gone. After taking them out, you will find the space to add in more money. Isn’t that great?


You must have an idea as to which of your friends, or acquaintances or even lovers are extremely toxic for you. These are those people who would always criticize you, drain out your energy, leave you self-doubting yourself, when you don’t really have the time to do so.

Let them go. For, if you keep them with you, you are simply signaling the Universe that you are not someone who cares much about yourself, and simply want death and destruction to follow in your wake.

Maybe nothing so dramatic, but you would still not be someone who wants the best for themselves. You want someone. Someone you think would give you the appreciation that you deserve. So make way for that.

The Universe is forever willing to send good vibes your way. Make sure you can receive those vibes!

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