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Spiritual Awakening Has A Dark Side That Most People Never Talk About

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Spirituality is all about becoming better connected to our own self or to everything that is. In fact, it is entirely magical and beautiful to experience magic and oneness around us which spiritual connections usually bring.

The question actually is how we can get to this point? How can we become even more spiritual or what the ride towards the spiritual path looks like?

Spiritual awakenings have dark sides, and sincerely, they can be messy too. The road which leads to uncovering our spiritual self can be pretty bumpy, and many roadblocks will also be there. Spirituality is not always beautiful and perfect.

Spirituality will become beautiful once we realize that our journey would be what we make it, or once we accept ourselves, and other people, and our experiences for what or who those people and experiences are.

Becoming a more spiritual person means that we need to have the ability to look at ourselves, others, and also situations with a tiny to no prejudice.

In fact, spirituality will teach us not to hate those that hurt us but love them the most. Moreover, it will teach us to learn the lessons from every wound, right before healing it.

However, this does not really paint the perfect picture of Zen vibes, right? Isn’t spirituality about making us happier and calm?

Many people are not aware of this fact but what often triggers spiritual awakenings are traumatic events or events which will change our lives.

Such eventful sessions usually send us into a spiral, and sometimes upward, while other times downward. Then we start looking at our life from another perspective, and usually, this will lead to a spiritual treasure hunt.

Then, we begin seeking answers, as we know that there has to be a particular reason for everything that happens. Some new sensations can also show up, and they can be feelings, seeing, and hearing more.

Finally, we will start accepting the idea which says that there is probably something more to the experience than our eyes can meet. Again, we are going to search for responses.

Usually, when we start awakening, we will feel completely disconnected from the people around us, just like we peel away from the old lives we once lived. It will be a beautiful, or painful, and confusing time at the same time.

What happens is that the soul wakes up and looks to unbury the person we really are. However, how may we unbury the unique selves without also unburying every aspect of ourselves which we don’t like? How can aspects be healed without acknowledging our wounds first?

To wake up means to look at every single thing which inside us and around us – we have to look at ourselves, our lives, and those in our lives.

We need to stare profoundly in every situation which appears in front of us. This is the beginning of the healing and the transformations.

When uncovering the spiritual side, our spirit will take us on one journey, which is not meant to harm or hurt us, but rather than that help and heal us so that we could become whole once again.

We need to remember that raising vibrations does not only mean living positive lives or having positive and happy thoughts. In fact, thinking and acting most of the time positively will take a lot of work, when we are still broken from the inside.

We need to get back to our unique self to align our vibrations with those of truly spiritual experiences. And, in order to return our unique self, we need to heal every wound we don’t want to see anymore.

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1 comment

Andy April 1, 2019 - 11:33 am

Totally spot on. When i am explaining this to people i call it shadow work, looking at those things about us that we don’t necessarily want to face. But in order to fully embrace our spiritual selves and others, need to to heal starting from the inside. It’s not about being better as such, just acceptance that this will be a life trial that will take a lot of perseverance, jumping out of comfort zones and hard choices. It’s not glamorous, it’s painful and a process that takes as long as it is required, there’s no shortcuts, just patience, time and acceptance as you go through whatever you need to go through. Blessings to all! 🙂


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