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Spiritual Practice & Healing Of The Etheric Body

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The etheric body forms of healing are a fundamental part of our spiritual practices, being a kind of springboard for the rest of our energy fields, in order to actually jump from one point to another.

It is actually the primary layer of our aura, extending about two inches out of our skin. First of all, it deals with our Root Chakra, together with problems related to this chakra, so the negative energies which are built up right in our Root Chakra may present here.

In fact, healing is unbelievably crucial for this aura layer, which is a crucial one, because it directly affects the rest of the layers. Here, negative energies may spread quickly, as energies are flowing through our system of chakras.

This kind of healing has some benefits, such as:

  • Improved mood;
  • Increased spiritual consciousness;
  • Improved physical energies;
  • Increased focus when talking about matters of security, survival, and shelter;
  • Removal of anxiety or fear;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Enhanced senses (healing, smell, sight, etc.);
  • The need to exercise frequently.

As we heal the negative energies, the positive ones are going to rush back in, unblocking our Root Chakra. Also, the energies are going to cascade into our other chakras, particularly if this aura layer has been affecting them too.

How to clear the etheric body?

We can clear our etheric body at our home, without the help of an expert. With combining visualization and meditation, together with crystals, connecting with our nature, or aromatherapy, we may clear out the negative energies with just a small amount of effort and time.

When it comes to meditation, we are supposed to do a meditation for healing our chakra. It is particularly significant that we concentrate on our Root Chakra because this will have the starkest possible effect on the layer of our aura.

Meditation for healing our chakra requires us to actually meditate on every chakra, unblocking, and also activating them while we draw energies from our Source. In fact, guided meditations will be excellent, and they are usually free so that we can try several different types in order to find the one which will resonate best with us.

Also, using visualization will be a good tool if we don’t have enough time, or we cannot meditate. We are supposed to sit alone, with our eyes closed.

We should imagine a bright and white light all around us and draw that light through our Crown and Root Chakras. We should notice it filling our subtle body with some cleansing light, feeling all those negative energies dissipating and fading.

Strengthening our etheric body: How to do that?

When we learn how we can strengthen our etheric body, we will accomplish soul mastery much easier, which is the state of higher spiritual awareness, which permits us to control our fields of energy. In fact, there are several things we may do when it comes to strengthening this aura layer.

Frequent natural healing is going to be excellent; however, in order to accelerate this process, we have to do it regularly. Connecting with our nature will be one way, which means that taking our healing efforts outside may help us to simply strengthen it.

Spending time outside will allow us to access more of the natural energies of our Mother Nature. Staying on our anxieties and fears’ top and making sure that we are safe, comfortable, and warm at our home is also going to help us in nurturing ourselves.

If we have some struggles when it comes to taking care of our ether-body, we can ask a healer that specializes in such healing to help us.

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Ann February 28, 2021 - 12:19 pm

Would you kindly let me know which crystals are used on the subtle energy bodies.

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