Meet Angel Arariel, The Protector Of Waters

by Conscious Reminder

Angel Arariel is stupidity’s celestial curer. Hence, this angel holds healing energies which may cure some mental illnesses, or even stupidity, as different sources explain.

However, he also belongs to a group of seven angels that dominate our planet. Arariel is actually equated with Azriel, Azareel, and even angel Uzziel.

Angel Arariel and the Seven Angels of the Earth.

In fact, there are seven celestial guardian angels that constantly watch over our planet, the Earth. Angel Arariel or Azriel is one of those angels.

The rest of the earth’s rulers are Arkiel, Arciciah, Admael, Ariel, Saragael, Harabael, and Yabbashael.

The most significant duty that Arariel has, being the earth’s ruler, is watching over waters, as connected in the so-called The Talmud.

Hence, fishermen often pray for and invoke this angel. They are asking for big catches, good luck, and returning to their homes without negative events.

We can call upon this angel when we will be traveling on the ocean or the sea. He is going to protect us and those that travel with us too.

Angel Arariel as the angel Azriel.

Azriel belongs to the Angels of Destruction. However, he isn’t a fallen one. Azriel is usually called upon in order to ward off evil. Also, he has another name, the name Mehniel, which means “The Mighty Camp.”

The residing place of this angel is actually in Heaven’s North side. There, Azriel commands about 60 myriads of angels’ legions. However, he receives prayers too.


The name of this angel means “Strength of God.” Other names this angel is known for are Azareel and Usiel.

He belongs to the group of chief angels of the Cherubim and the Virtues (Malachim). Moreover, he belongs to the group of seven angels that stand right before the Glory’s Throne, as related in Angel Raziel’s Book.

However, he also belongs to the group of nine angels that rule over the four winds. Also, in the Merkabah lore, Metatron rules this angel, being mercy’s angel.

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