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Healthy Relationship Guide For Empaths & Sensitive People

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of nice, kind, and lovely people find themselves in bad and unhappy relationships and are mistreated at their workplace. Many extremely kind and nice people are usually wound up, and they receive the stick’s short end.

They do a lot for others, and when the day is over, they feel stressed out. Most of these people are usually empaths. Empaths are usually over-givers, a tendency which filters in each relationship they have.

Learning reciprocity’s law.

It is quite reasonable that when we are generous and kind with other people, they are going to treat us with the same care and love. Good karma is always supposed to return to us. And it will return to us for sure. But, sometimes, karma will teach us to be nicer and kinder to ourselves.

Balance is one of those various things which karma teaches us – learning how to receive and give in equal measures. We should learn how to respect and take care of ourselves as we actually do for others.

Usually, empaths give more to other people. Usually, we believe that we did the appropriate thing because we have forgiven someone that did something wrong to us. We also let others take our energy and time when we are supposed to devote them to ourselves.

This can be done to avoid further drama; however, in the end, we absorb the negative energies of someone else, and we disrespect ourselves in that process.

We should honor our emotions. When we feel that someone did something wrong to us, or disrespected us in a certain way, it would be significant to acknowledge our feelings and also express them.

Relationships are energy exchanges.

Healthy relationships have reciprocal energies of receiving and giving. When we have the reciprocal exchange, our karmic scales will be more balanced.  We will tip the karmic scales when we are nice rather than standing up for ourselves, or asserting our right to actually be treated much better.

When we keep permitting people to constantly take advantages of our good nature, and excuse them because they treated us better, we are going to continue attracting unhealthy relationships unless that balance will be righted.

We can also evaluate everything that we are giving more or less than we should in that particular circumstance related to the final result, and make the needed adjustments.

Being good to ourselves just like we are to other people.

Those people who try to be “excellent” most of the time, doing the appropriate thing, should probably examine how all that manifests in their career and relationships.

Maybe we were avoiding some uncomfortable conversations. When we feel that we deserve more respect, love, time, money, etc., it might actually be the perfect time to talk about our needs.

Bringing some balance into our lives.

Rather than thinking if we are nice to other people or not, we should ask ourselves if we are honest with ourselves and if we treat ourselves with care and love.

Being direct and truthful with our feeling will be the best possible way to actually bring balance and harmony in our lives. That is nice.

How can we stay positive when we are around negative individuals?

When it comes to learning how to be positive around hard circumstances and individuals, we should recognize if we are actually taking on energy and emotions from other people, and focus our energy toward our intuition instead of drama.

We are going to explore how we can feel connected instead of supported, and we can raise our vibrations to love, instead of to fear.

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