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7 Signs Your Partner Loves You Unconditionally

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Being loved unconditionally by the one you are in a relationship with, and the one that You love unconditionally is one of the most magical and most beautiful feelings in the world.

Loving someone unconditionally means they have all their faith in you, they support you 100%, they choose you over and over every day, and that there is never any doubt. Love like that sure does sound like something everyone wants.

Even if you don’t have any doubt in the love your partner has for you, I’m sure you sometimes wonder if it truly is real and unconditional. Here we will discuss the 7 signs that the love from your partner is really truly unconditional:

1. They are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you

A lot of people, especially men, have a hard time opening emotionally to their partner and being vulnerable in front of them. Your relationship might have been like that in the beginning but not anymore. Your partner is not ashamed or afraid to be vulnerable in front of you and that is one more reason why you love them so much. It is also a sign that this person trusts you completely and that they truly love you. They are not afraid to tell you their hopes, goals, or fears and worries, and they trust you with them and know that they can be themselves with you. And that is what love is all about.

2. You confide in them

Being able to tell someone all your secrets and openly confide in them means that this person has truly earned your trust for you to feel this comfortable with them. Knowing that you can trust them with literally anything you have to tell them, good or bad, embarrassing or not, and them accepting all of this in a normal way, means that they love you exactly how you are, no matter what. Just another sign of them loving you unconditionally.

3. Your partner tells you that they are proud of you

No matter if you have accomplished a task big or small, or just got up and showered on a rough day, your partner never fails to remind you that he is very proud of you for everything you do. He always cheers for you and is your biggest fan. And even if you tried something and you failed, they still tell you that they are proud of you for even giving it a try. Everything you do amazes them and they are proud of how hard you try.

4. They are very protective of you

We are not talking about how they don’t let you talk to any other men or they won’t even let them look at you. This has nothing to do with being protective because of jealousy. We are talking about the way they care if you got home safe, they walk you to your house at night, even if it’s as simple as when walking on the sidewalk, they make sure you don’t walk on the side closer to the street. When someone loves you unconditionally, they will always make sure you are safe, in any way, no matter what.

5. They act like a true gentleman

Even after all the time that you two have been together, they act like a true gentleman. They hold the door for you, they don’t let you carry the bags, they make sure you are not cold when you two are out and all the other little things that a true gentleman does. Some guys act like this at the beginning of a relationship and it all goes away after, but not your guy! When someone loves you unconditionally, they make sure you are happy, safe, well taken care of, and treated like a queen!

6. You always make up after fighting

No matter if the fight was big or small, trivial or over a serious issue, you two always find a compromise and apologize to each other and make up. Your partner is always willing to hear you out and talk it out because they believe that communication is key to a healthy relationship. You will never see this person leave in the middle of a fight or insult you. They are here for the long run and they won’t let any negative feelings linger around and harm your relationship.

7. They plan a future with you

This is someone that plans on growing old with you and has no problem telling you that. You are included in all his future plans, whether it is a plan a week from now or years from now. They don’t envision a future in which you are not a part of.

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