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Do Twin Flames Experience Complete Merging Over Time?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The journey of twin flames can be long, and it is connected through the bridges across a few lifetimes.

The journey is timeless, and it is of a union on different levels, and true love too. The number of years which our intellect may relate to will be a few, as they belong just to our present lifetime, while the connection is transcending across different realms after we pass away.

The main aim of our connection with our twin flames is union and wholeness within, which is definitely a hard goal to accomplish; however, it is not impossible.

During the soul cleansing process, through which we clear the debris of the world so that our higher consciousness will shine through, is actually a gradual and slow process.

We cannot achieve it overnight, or also in a few days and few weeks. As the years will pass by, we will have more and more to clear.

However, after clearing off the main gunk, it will be much easier for us as our mind will get out of our way and our pure soul consciousness is going to take over.

Our souls will have to find themselves and then unify within. Our journey with our twin flames will start from right there, not at the physical level, but at our soul level.

It is going to progress from the inside to outside, unlike the romantic love in which the physical aspect is first, while the other things come later.

Then, the soul will merge first on the spiritual, mental, ethereal, and emotional level, all this through symbiosis and osmosis. It will keep imprinting itself with our original consciousness which was corrupted.

The imprint is automatically going to keep uploading on the other side, while the changed energy and vibrations are going to be palpable.

Then, after the incomplete union occurs between the two souls in two different forms, they will start feeling whole within.

It cannot be predicted if and when a physical union will happen. The soul will crave for intimacy and purity.

It is even sacred, while the pure union on a physical level will be at the bottom in the priorities list.

Physical unions cannot hold candles to the high twin flames get by unifying and merging in energies.

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