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How To Know If Astral Traveling Is Dangerous

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by Conscious Reminder

One worry that a lot of people have, particularly when they begin looking more profoundly into the matter, is whether the astral projection is safe or not.

Well, the truth actually is that astral projection isn’t dangerous at all when done correctly, of course. But, there are some problems that may appear when doing it frequently.

A lot of us are afraid of traveling in much higher dimensions. Having anxiety while attempting to do that will not be a welcomed emotion at all. Here, knowledge will be power – our capacity to overcome our fears, the ones we probably have about astral travel’s safety. 

What are astral projection’s dangers?

There are numerous supposed dangers when it comes to traveling in our light body. There are people who worry and feel afraid that they can get lost in those higher planes so that they will not have the ability to come back to their physical selves.

This is an unfounded fear, a fear which will become apparent when we realize that, every night while we sleep, every one of us projects – and we were doing this for our whole lives. We also never had some problems with returning to our body.

All that we will add will be control over the process, and we will consciously do something that we were doing our entire lives unconsciously.

Coming back to our bodies will be easy, just like waking up. Also, we often fear that negative energy beings could sever the connection that we have to our physical body at the time when we are projecting.

Well, the thing actually is that most of those astral spiders and demons that many of us talk about aren’t what a lot of us believe they are.

Usually, the images may be the symptom indicating that there isn’t full lucidity during the projection, which means that we are dreaming instead of projecting.

Misinformation related to the safety of astral projection.

Seeing scary spirits is one of the roots of misconceptions about the safety of astral projection – some individuals who still develop their abilities, think they mastered it, or forget to perform the whole number of safety checks. 

Gaining full control over our light bodies in the higher dimensions will take more time than a lot of us think. It will lead some people to think that they accomplished this right before they gained even 50% control.

If possible, it will be a good idea to have a guide that is experienced in this field, as he or she may help us be aware of the entire progress we make, and our ability levels.

Moreover, trusted guides may help us set the appropriate pace for ourselves, or they may help us to make a decision about how we should use our time in those higher dimensions.

What is the true danger of the astral projection?

One true danger which we are going to face during astral projection will be the temptation and desire to spend more time utilizing our “new” ability. There are people who tend to spend more time in astral projecting, away from reality, than they are supposed to.

Strong urges of doing this may indicate that there is something that makes us want to run away from our physical world. Using our light bodies in wrong times isn’t recommended at all. We should ensure never to neglect the problems in our real world and escape to our astral plane.

Our capacity to control our light bodies relies on our spirits and bodies, which means that if we neglect one of them for the other, it will be counterproductive.

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