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Extremely Potent New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Internal Changes Begin

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by Conscious Reminder

Security will be the theme during this New Moon Solar Eclipse of 2nd July. It is happening in Cancer – there will be some changes.

You might have some sad moments of letting go – sometimes long departures will happen and sometimes things will happen in a second. But Cancer is a water sign and so, it’s complicated. It will reshape you through weathering – as water does to rock. And water signs have a lot to do with your emotional states.

Cancer New Moon has an extra oomph added to it due to the solar eclipse. It will deconstruct us from within and then restructure us all over. Things will be stirred within us.

So, now is the time to hit reboot in our emotional self- it’s time to bring about a complete change within us. Permanent changes. Look into the past, trace your emotions and let them develop from within.

Cancer is all about the Moon sign – it is its home. So, we will have experience with maternal nurturing. Cancer wants us to be with our family, both ancestral or tribe, and look for emotional security and intelligence. It wants you to feel safe.

The sign makes you realize the meaning of traditions and how hierarchies are set up. You will start having a few mommy issues too but then, when you are a bit angry, you can turn to food for love and appeasement.

These are security blankets provided by Cancer. It wants you to have financial security. The cloth that it provides is full of warmth and tenderness – you can be a little sentimental too and that’s ok – that’s the Cancer way after all.

However, it can eventually lead to an intense attachment. This happens when Neptune in Pisces is trined by the moon. It will make you empathetic and kind, and with more perspectives coming your way, it will transform you internally.

Who protects the family and what is the family will be a question people will ask all over media – nationality will become a theme. In the United States, people will celebrate their birthday just 2 days after the eclipse takes place. It is all about upgrading your shelter and celebrating within it.

The Solar Eclipse is like the steroid to the New Moon. It will make it more powerful and prolong its effect too. This is the second one happening in a cycle that will end in 2020 and had started back in 2018. The themes of the last cycle that happened in 2000-2002 will repeat itself. Remember – there will be changes in relationships from that time.

Be aware of your surroundings. Evolution is starting and had intensified in April with Pluto and Saturn traveling along the South Node of the Moon. It’s time for an emotional restart.

The Cancer New Moon is in conjunction with the South Node and Saturn, both of which bring completion in your life – closure to the past events. Saturn is about structure and adulting.

It brings the importance of responsibility in us. When it works in Cancer, it brings sobriety and a bit of resigned energy – a realization that time is passing by.

The Cancer new Moon makes the pace of Saturn and Pluto a bit electric. That’s why we come across a sudden transformation. Well, you might have a sudden realization or a shocking transformation – be ready for it.

Mercury, the messenger God and Mars, the War God are coming across the radical changer, Uranus. There will be flashes of change and almost monkey-like surprises. All of it will respond to us, will change our mindset and will affect the flow of different information.

You have to respond with some kind of action to it – and pay attention as well. The outcome is startling, there will be unexpected growth in different areas.

Remember, we transmit energy and we receive it. We can’t breakdown even if there is an overload of information. We just need to facilitate it slowly. Departures will happen and you will grow emotionally.

Nurture yourself this New Moon. You will need it.

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