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Starseeds Types: Fistarians – The Lyran Mermaids

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The Fistarians, are part of the Lyran Star System which is a water world. In this water world there is a race of mermaid people.

They live in a beautiful world, with floating islands, and underground caverns that they can swim through and live in.

Sustaining their life, on a life giving fruit that grows up. High up on the floating islands, as the fruit drops into the waters, and they play a diving game to find them. These beings live by one law-giver, who when done wanting to be in the reality, will pass it down to their offspring.

I actually know a soul whom I discovered had a lifetime there. Though.. Their time in the reality, is nothing like ours. Taia, a good friend of mine, in her journey, as I read her akasha, has been there.

I also have a few other clients who have been there who did not have their celestial akasha’s read, to know that they had a journey and experience there as well.  Maybe someday.

100 years in that Lyran world, is like 10 of Earth’s years. The waters are clear, and the sky mixed with colors. It is a life of leisure and surviving. These beings have only the angels to teach them and keep them up to date with news.

They do keep them in a state of innocence. Much like earth once was in the Garden of Eden. A paradise! These souls are aware, but very pure. The wisdom they hold is of the planet they live on. Advancing it through a new leader, they have built some wonderful structures, and now have a kingdom on the sea, rather than in the underground caverns.

Beautiful towers made of shimmery shells. Now, when I introduced the Rhocancruans, a few found themselves. Now, more can seek and may resonate. The Fistarians are a beautiful race, not like Earth’s depiction of mermaids, their tails look like a beta fish, in an array of colors and lengths, and widths.

They are very human, in the upper body though. The hair is also naturally colored in an array of colors, all having a natural highlight shimmer, of any one of the rainbow rays.  Men are strong, protective, but sensitive. They have water sports, challenges, and warrior games.

They even have mating and marriage challenges, to win the woman of their dreams!

Its wonderful. The angels visit at certain periods in the sky, to teach through huge pulsations of energy.

I can not wait to discover more in channeling, The Fistarians are a beautiful race to have viewed though. I hope we can find out more.

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