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4 Signs That Would Be Least Affected By Today’s Cancer New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

With the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in July, things are going to start on a positive note for everyone. But there are signs that would be less affected by these events than the rest- Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo.

These 4 signs are what are known as mutable signs- they try to adapt to every changing circumstance that comes forth.

Also, they try to be within positive energies all around. So, even if they don’t have much to do this month and they get a free pass from the inherent chaos, they still have to work under the table to ensure that the balance remains the same.

This month would bring them to the cusp of socializing and also self-discovery. But primarily, it would be all about loosening up a bit and enjoying a small vacation, that is obviously very well deserved.

Even though the month might not affect them to that great an extent, as mentioned earlier, it would be unwise to think that there wouldn’t be any Easter eggs.

Here are 4 signs that would be affected the least by July New Moon 2019:


This July New Moon will involve other people bringing opportunities for you. So, why don’t you take a step back, and try socializing with more people so that it helps you develop your network more? Also, you would be starting off this month fairly confident about your capabilities, and the stars would be aligned for you to start saving on your finances too.


Let loose for a little, for you have spent a lot of time worrying about what could be, and what you are trying to make out of it. This instance, try to imagine this world as a better place, and instead of being all hyped up in jealousy over others’ achievements, try to feel happy for them. Be curious about what happens beyond the normal realm of things, and stretch out beyond your cell phones.


Try to live a little this month. Don’t work too much, don’t overexert yourself, simply enjoy life, and the joy that this New Moon and Solar Eclipse are going to bring into your life. Go hang out with your friends, and don’t let any dark clouds put you down.


You have been stuck in monotony and that will definitely put a damper on your mood. But don’t worry, with the Sun moving in one of the most daring parts of your chart, you are expected to get out of that stagnancy. Even though things might begin slow, you will still find an opening through which to get. And this phase is going to be about how you tend to relate to your own creative intellect.

Although this New Moon in July isn’t going to bring major changes in your life, it is still going to make some subtle shifts in your energy, that will decide the year ahead. Best of luck.

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