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How To Improve & Focus Your Attention

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

During our spiritual journeys, attention is one very powerful tool. In order to reach higher consciousness levels, we have to master being quite attentive to every single thing, which means to our surroundings, ourselves, and our spiritual perceptions.

Usually, we are quite more aware in our lives than we are attentive. We constantly notice things within or around us with consciousness, but we don’t give them the needed attention.

This will start making us distracted; therefore, our awareness will equal to stunted spiritual growth. Attention is all that we need. Attention will permit us to actually learn how to concentrate, which isn’t just our vital skill needed for spiritual journeys, but is also needed for everyday living.

In order to explain their difference clearly, we have to imagine ourselves sitting in the park. Awareness will see that various plants and trees surround us. It will feel that we sit on a grass field and also that there are kids playing before us.

However, attention will put the things in that park into the main focus. Attention will see that among those trees, there actually is one old oak tree that has a heart engraved on its trunk.

Moreover, it will see that the shrub has a circular shape. It will feel the moisture hint and softness on that grass. It will also identify that the kids are playing with yellow Frisbee.

Such visualization will teach us that, in fact, there is an enormous disparity between these two, permitting us to recognize which of them is important, which is attention.

In order to enhance our own attention, we have to take the needed time every day in order to do this particular practice. We should choose some place in our workplace, school, or home. The place isn’t supposed to be peaceful and quiet.

After that, in a sitting and relaxed position, we should choose the particular object we will pay attention to. If we are beginners, we may choose something which is stationary. After that, we may practice with some moving persons or objects.

We have to focus our entire energy on the object, and learn how to block every single thing out; all the noise around us or our own thoughts too.

We should observe the small and big details of the object. After that, we should concentrate on it as we regulate our breathing. As our attention builds, we should keep moderating our heart rate. In fact, this is going to help us keep our focus undivided.

After a few minutes, we should gradually let ourselves be conscious of our surroundings once again. Now, it will be the time to break our attention on this object slowly and focus it on the now.

When we successfully master this attention, we may live quite more vividly, reaching higher spiritual awareness levels.

We will see things all around us quite clearly, distinctly understand some spiritual messages, feel impression more intense, meditate quite more efficiently, and many other things.

For instance, when we learn to simply focus the attention only on ourselves, we are going to discover things which we never knew before. We are going to get to know our true selves too.

There are many things we can learn, not just in this physical world around us, but in spiritual realms too. When we have our attention enhanced, we will be wide open to everything.

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