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Cord Cutting And How To Do It

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Over the course of our lives, we connect with various other souls. But there are also times when it becomes necessary to cut some of them off.

‘Cutting the cord’ in spiritual terms means exactly this.

What actually happens in this process and how does it affect us?

Here’s a simple explanation about cutting the cord which will help you learn all that you need to know.

The meaning of Spiritual Connections

We connect with other souls in the astral plane but the consequences of that are felt in the material world as well.

Think of it as a rope made of pure energy that links souls by bringing together the unseen selves of people.

The invisible part of you is alive inside the body that you can see and this is where our chakra resides.

The rope makes it possible for energy to travel from one person to the other thereby transforming the connection between them into something much deeper and soulful.

Why the cord must be cut?

A cord may have to be cut because of several things.

Like when you need to break things off with a partner, it may be essential to also end your link on the astral plane so that you are not tempted to go back to them and so that they don’t have the power to get in the way of new connections you make.

There are also other causes like abusive and hurtful behaviour from people you considered friends or even family members.

Cord Cutting: A Quick Guide

While this might sound easy, the truth is that the process is quite difficult.

The key is to follow these three steps:

1. Officially break things off with that individual. Ensure that they understand that your time together is over and the cord needs to be severed. This also serves as an obstacle to keep you from relapsing.

2. Cut them off completely. If you keep getting in touch with them, your spiritual link will only grow stronger.

3. Get rid of all the control they might have over you. Keep watch to ensure that they are not influencing you in any manner, no matter how subtle it may be. This includes getting rid of anything that will remind you of them.

This last step is the most difficult one and it takes a lot of spiritual growth for a person to have that much self control. So don’t be too worried if you don’t find it easy to severe your spiritual connection with someone.

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