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These Signs Say That Emotional Intelligence Is Your Strong Suit

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by Conscious Reminder

People are increasingly accepting that the so-called emotional intelligence forms a significant part and is a significant factor in their happiness and success, not just at their work, but also in their relationships and various other areas in their lives.

Here are the seven common traits or characteristics of highly emotional intelligent individuals:

They are practicing releasing of their past and forward thinking.

Those people that have high EI are quite busy as they think of possibilities in the future, in order to spend most of their lifetime dwelling upon some things which weren’t successful in their past.

In fact, they learn from past failures or apply them to their actions in the future. Also, they never consider failure to be a personal or permanent reflection.

They live independently and choose growth.

These individuals are learners during their whole lives, and they constantly grow, evolve, open themselves to new and different ideas, and have the will to learn new things from other people.

They are critical thinkers, which makes them open to constantly changing their own minds when others present ideas which fit better. Although they are wide open to other people’s ideas, and constantly gather new information, these people trust themselves or their judgments, making the best possible decisions for themselves.

They focus on positive things.

Although they never ignore bad news, they make conscious decisions not to spend most of their energies and time focusing on issues.

Rather than that, they tend to look at positive things in one situation or look for the needed solutions. They focus themselves on everything they have the ability to do or can control.

They look for ways to make their lives more interesting and fun.

Whether at their workplace, home, or with their friends, these people know what will make them feel happy, and they are looking for chances to expand their enjoyment.

Also, they feel pleased and satisfied when they see other people fulfilled and happy and do everything they can in order to brighten the day of someone else.

They know when they should be assertive, and they set boundaries.

Even though their friendly and open nature makes them seem as pushovers, these people have the ability to set their boundaries or assert themselves right when they have to. Also, they demonstrate consideration and politeness; however, they stay firm too.

They never make unnecessary enemies. They measure and not inflate the response they have for a certain situation where there is conflict. They always think before they speak and also give themselves the needed time to simply calm down when their emotions seem to become quite overwhelming.

Positive people always surround them.

Those people that have high emotional intelligence do not spend most of their time listening to complaints; they prefer avoiding negative individuals. They are conscious of the fact that negative individuals are energy drainers and aren’t willing to permit other people to exhaust their own vitality.

They are always looking for solutions or positive things in every situation. They spend their time with other people who are quite positive and who look on the bright side of their lives.

They choose how they can invest their energies wisely.

Although these people are excellent at moving on from their past when something isn’t working out as they expected, they also have the ability to simply move on from conflicts with other people.

These people are never holding on to anger about how other people treated them, but instead of that, they use those incidents in order to create consciousness about not repeating it again. Although they tend to move on or forgive, they never forget, and you can’t take advantage of them in the identical way or circumstances.

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