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Love Should Never Force You To Make These 12 Compromises

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by Conscious Reminder

In love and life, you are always going to need to make some compromises; however, there are a lot of things which you are never supposed to budge on.

A lot of people in the world are going to try to make us someone that we are not. This means that remaining true to ourselves will be more significant than we can imagine.

Here are the twelve compromises which we should never let love force us to make:

1. Our self-worth

In fact, the way we feel about ourselves is something that we will struggle with, and not others. We should not let others tear us down, in order to build their own self up. When talking about love, we should be with a person that is going to refuse to lower our self-worth and not a person that will force us into the darkness and make us feel insignificant.

2. Our goals

Every person in the world has goals which can sometimes not match completely up with those of his or her partner. We should never think about giving up on our goals for someone. No matter what our goals are, we should achieve them, regardless of the time and effort needed. 

3. Our beliefs

Every person in the world has his or her beliefs or also chooses not having them at all. We should never change our beliefs for someone that we date. If we can’t get past our differences, we should never even be together.

4. Our passion

We all have some passion in our lives. Regardless of what our passions are, we should never give them up for someone else. We should never permit other people to force us to neglect everything that makes us happy.

5. Our family

When our loved one tries to distance us from our family, there will be more problems than we would like to admit. We should never give up the people that were there for us from the start of our life for the one that might not be there for us in the future. We should know our limits, as the toxic relationship may and are going to ruin us.

6. Our relationship standards

A lot of people have their standards high when talking about dating. This is something completely okay. If we want someone to treat us in a particular way, we should not allow someone else to force us to settle. In fact, settling in love and life will not bring us a happiness which we are searching for.

7. Our friends

This is similar to our toxic partners who want to separate us from our family. It means that they are also going to try to separate us from our friends. Our friends are really important to us, and our loved one should also want them to be present in our lives. We should never let him or her force us to remove our friends from our lives.

8. Our well-being

When someone forces us to understand the bad characteristics of our relationship, we should not let him, or her do that. Simply because we love someone it doesn’t mean that we have to permit him or her to hurt us or make us feel bad. Our well-being really matters, so when someone tries to abuse that, we should leave him or her.

9. Our true emotions

Every one of us feels different things during different periods in life. Our feelings are only ours, and we should not force ourselves when it comes to feeling something that we do not or hide something that we struggle with. Our emotions are only ours.

10. Our needs

As we are all humans, we also have our needs. Our demands should be met in our relationship, just like the needs of our partners. For example, if we need emotional or physical intimacy and our partner does not want or is not able of providing us with that, we should not continue that relationship anymore.

11. Our security

We all deserve to always feel secure and sage in our relationships. This could mean financially secure or just being sure that our partner will not cheat us on. Security is defined differently by different people when talking about things like these. We should not sit on the ship of someone else while it is sinking.

12. Our dreams

Regardless of the act if we achieve our dreams or not, our partner has to be someone that believes in us and wants actually to see us chasing our dreams. In fact, following our own dreams will be something that we are never supposed to give up. Regardless of how outlandish our dreams seem, our partner should always back us.

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