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Relationships 101: How The Zodiac Signs Sabotage Their Love Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Maintaining a relationship in this present generation is pretty hard, considering our lives being so open on social media.

If that wasn’t all, the looming presence of the zodiacs, too add to the distress of a relationship. We have our own sun signs, that are creating up problems, that would mess up a seemingly perfect relationship. Let’s see how.


With an ego as high as the Eiffel Tower, there is no point trying to reason with them about anything. Even if it could be something about the weather, they would turn it into a fight, and declare a blood feud against you on a moment’s notice. That, is not worth, at all.


They go overboard. Literally, overboard. Their love, passion, intensity, everything is magnified. Oh, and did I forget that they are also the CIA? For they ABSOLUTELY love interrogating their partners, to the point that their relationship could be jeopardized.


They swear on their mother’s grave that they never would dream about jeopardizing the relationship. To them, it is akin to sacrilege. Regardless of the fact that it was their mistake which led them to breaking up, or their problem of being such a diva, that they couldn’t be bothered to pick up the trash, maybe?


There will be times in your day, when you be debating, if you are their lover, or their babysitter. They consider themselves to be Sisyphus for your mistakes, forever taking the blame, even though it could just be a hot day. The first few times, it feels cute. But after 6 years of being together, if he still insists that your boss fired you because of him, it is time, you throw him out of the window.


Being with a Leo, chances are you are an amazing listener.  Not by choice, or genes, you had no other options, for you never got to speak. It’s always about them, their life, their hobbies, their pets, their movies. Even though they might believe it to be a favor they are bestowing it on you, you know how quickly annoying it gets, and how much you want to stab them in their sleep.


They are brutally honest, to the point where they don’t care how it affects you, or how it could ever affect you. They would never let go of their honesty, even it means appeasing you. While that is an admirable trait to have, it gets disheartening and demotivating when the person closest to you, critiques you to this extent.


They could be good businesspeople, for they treat this relationship as a transaction that has to be met. If you pass one ‘amendment’ one fine day, then the next day, they would insist on being the one to pass one. They would give, as good as they got.


Being in a relationship with them is stepping on ice. One wrong move, and they would be very happy to cut you off from their life, no matter how elaborately they declare their love for you.


It’s all smooth sailing, until you remind them of their previous amour and they decide they are better left alone.


They would rather cut off their arm then indulge in your frivolity. They have much important work, and priority, of which, you obviously aren’t a part. Still thinking about the date? I hope not.


They are evil. Period. They would willingly encourage you to jump off Mt. Everest, while they are cozied up in fluffy blankets. One would think they are megalomaniacs.


They feel like a fish out of water whenever faced with a situation that could be potentially dangerous. But, it isn’t your responsibility, is it? No. Are you sure? Take a step, but spray it with Lizol first, to see what you are getting into.

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