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Research Says Your Health Benefits From Sleeping Next To Someone You Love

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by Conscious Reminder

Love is a very beautiful thing. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. But the thing that is more difficult than finding true love is keeping the love alive as a couple after you have found it.

Couples go through a lot and most of the times they argue about trivial matters. They fight, argue, take a break from each other and after all of these things some of the couples still manage to sleep on the same bed.

Some people change after coming into a relationship and some stay the same.

Research has shown us that couples who sleep together in the same bed have a healthier life than other people.

A couple may have many differences and unsolved issues but scientists have proved to us that people gain health benefits if they sleep together with their loved ones. This is another reason why close relationships are an important factor in our life.

An assistant professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Wendy Troxel, has said that couples get many psychological benefits from the closeness that they share with their partner at night.

Women often find more joy in sleeping rather than men. Dr. Wendy had conducted a study in 2009. The study showed that women who are in a relationship, dating or married, sleep better than those who are single.

Women always have a tendency to sleep faster than men but those women who are not single, get a deeper and a better sleep at night.

Sleeping with your man also gives the woman a sense of safety and security. This helps women in having lower levels of hormones that manipulate stress.

This also lowers the number of cytokines which are responsible for causing inflammation and pain. The temperature of a human body keeps on fluctuating throughout the night while we sleep.

Sleeping next to the person we love helps in regulating that body temperature.

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