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5 Common Practices That Are Ruining Your Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

Humans are not perfect and neither are our relationships. While we are capable of making mistakes, we must have the ability to recognize and correct them.

Major problems like cheating will definitely take a toll on your relationship. But minor problems like the 5 mentioned below could also damage your relationship.

1. Lack Of Attention

While having a conversation put in the extra effort to carefully listen to your partner. Try to absorb what the other person is saying. Do not just be an empty-eyed person who does not respond. You need to listen and respond not just reply. This behavior only harms your relationship.

2. Too Busy

Romantic relationships often suffer in our quest to juggle our family and friends. Tight works schedules can become an important factor behind a dissolving relationship. Make sure you divide your time equally between all, so that your partner does not feel ignored.

3. Ignoring Affection

All of us have different methods of communicating our love to our beloved. While some prefer to compliment, others express physical affection. Some of us are materialistic and love to buy gifts for our dear one. But it is important to respond to the emotional needs of your partner. Cherish the fleeting moments of connection you share. They will strengthen your relationship.

4. Controlling Attitude

Insecure people tend to be more controlling in a relationship. People fearful of the unknown future or those who have abandonment issues, or even those who fear to appear like a dysfunctional spouse tend to be the controlling ones. So unless you have a grip on your own insecurities, your partner will continue to suffer. Try to work through your personal issues instead of projecting them on the other. Remember that your partner is there to support you through your struggles.

5. Aggression

Learn to be more patient with your partner. Instead of blasting your anger on them for every small error, remember to give them the benefit of doubt at times. Try to understand the problems from your partner’s point of view. Before shouting out words which could be harmful to the relationship, try to have a decent discussion first.

Apart from these problems, unrealistic expectations could also cause trouble in your relationship. Healthy boundaries should be there but they should not suffocate the other. Constant criticizing and attacking will leave no room for correction and forgiveness. This will surely lead you to doom.

If you want a healthy relationship, steer clear of the above-mentioned problems. Remember that you two are in this relationship together. With love, all problems can be conquered.

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