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These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Feel The Maximum Impact Of This Leo Season

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by Conscious Reminder

For those who will be around Leos this coming month, life is going to be a lot of fun because their birthdays are coming up and no one parties like they do.

Leo energy can sometimes be too much for everyone else. So if you’re a little worried about what this month has in store for you, join the club. The change from a relaxed summer to the hectic to and fro of Leo season is difficult for many. 

Some are definitely going to feel Leo’s influence more than others. So, these are the signs that are going to be the most affected.


Burn baby burn because you’re going to experience romance like you never have before. Whatever spark of passion was inside you till now is going to become a full-on forest fire as you meet someone new or reignite the bond you already share with someone. You’ll get chances to be creative and adventurous. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow and bask in the love and power you’ve been granted.


No one will be having as much fun as Gemini this Leo season (except Leos themselves of course). Something inside you will crave the adventure of a new journey and you’ll find yourself planning trips to all the destinations you’ve always wanted to visit. Go to a warm place because those areas suit you best and you’ll have a magical vacation.


Move aside everyone because it is time for Leos to shine! To all the Leos out there, the stage is yours to make of it what you will. You just love this time of the year, don’t you? Focus on all your aims this month because the Universe is aligned just right for all your dreams to come true. Plant your seeds now and come winter, you’ll be reaping fruits of prosperity.


Revel in the happiness that comes to you because you really do deserve it. Take all the opportunities you get to attend social events because this is the right time for you to be meeting new people. You’ll come across many who will form close bonds with you and you’ll never regret having them in your life. Put yourself out there and watch your inner circle grow and blossom.


You will be climbing the career ladder so fast it will make your head spin. Everyone in your workplace is going to realize your importance and worth so be prepared to see your horizons expand. Think of ways you can go higher and if you think you deserve that promotion, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Trust me you’re not being demanding. You’re just asking for what you deserve. Embrace the idea that you’re going to go far and keep pushing forward.


As an Aquarius, you give your all when you enter into a relationship so you’re going to be reconsidering your bonds with people during this Leo season. You’ll realize your own self worth so you’ll start looking for people who are as committed as you and willing to make sacrifices for a healthy relationship.

You understand that you need a balance between how much you’re willing to give and how much you’re actually getting in return. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want because that will keep your relationships healthy and happy. Rest assured, you’ll also have a lot more fun because that’s what Leo season is all about.

Leo season is a time of glitz and glam so just be careful not to overexert yourself. Go out and enjoy all that this time has to offer and you’ll be prepared for Virgo season soon enough.

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