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What Is Spiritual Direction?

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Any time you take a journey, it helps to have knowledge of the route you need to take. Without a proper road map (or in this day and age, GPS system), you’re liable to run into dead ends or find yourself going in circles.

This is no different from your spiritual journey. Many people these days are pulling away from more traditional, formal religions and seeking to pursue their spiritual path down other avenues. The problem is they may lack direction, and find themselves going nowhere fast. This can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and leave a person deeply unfulfilled.

Gaining spiritual direction is a process that can really help you learn how to connect to whatever it is you consider greater than yourself. It can help you find the growth and inspiration you seek, and lead you to a place of peace and contentment on your spiritual journey. Follow these 5 steps to find spiritual direction on your journey.

Gaining spiritual direction is a process that can really help you learn how to connect to whatever it is you consider greater than yourself.


You can’t know where you’re going until you figure out where you’ve come from. So where are you at this point in your life? In your spirituality? What is it that brought you here, and what do you need? Perhaps you need some structure and discipline; perhaps you’ve had too much structure and discipline, and you need a little more freedom to explore and express yourself. Perhaps you find yourself in doubt of things you once believed and need to seek new answers. Take a good look at yourself to start this process.


Once you’ve thought about where you come from, a good step is to find that connection with that thing that is greater than yourself. For some people, this is what they call God or a Higher Power. For other people, they may see it more as angels, spirit guides, spirit animals or other beings. Still others see it as nature, the world around them, or the universe itself. Still others may find it within– the Higher Self, or in their fellow man.

Whatever it is you hold as sacred, that helps you feel connected, is something you should start ‘plugging into’ through prayer and/or meditation.


Look for wisdom on your journey. You may find this in the form of guidance from spiritual leaders, psychics, books or by following specific religious systems. Be willing to broaden your knowledge and expand your horizons so you can see a clearer picture with better perspective.


Look at yourself in a new way. One of the hardest spiritual lessons can be embracing oneself and giving oneself unconditional love. If you can’t accept and love yourself, you can never fully accept and love others. Begin seeing yourself with the compassion that you would afford any stranger, and realize that you are worthy of your own love.


The spiritual journey is not something we do alone; inside each of us, there is a compass of sorts that is always pointing us in the right direction. Once you’ve completed the other steps and cleared your mind, resolved your issues, learned some lessons, you’ll be better prepared to find and to listen to that internal compass.
Follow your instincts and keep moving forward.

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