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4 Reasons Your Crystals Aren’t Working For You

by consciousreminder
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by Faith M. Davis
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Did you buy a new crystal and you were super excited to put it to work, but it doesn’t seem to be helping you?

Were you once getting results from your crystal, but now it feels like it stopped working?

Or maybe someone gave you a crystal, and you don’t want to be rude, but it just seems like a rock to you.

These are common issues people run into, but one thing’s for certain: if your crystals don’t seem to be working for you, you shouldn’t give up believing in them! You just need to understand the way crystals work.

Here are 4 Main Reasons Your Crystal Isn’t Working For You

1) You’re Not Using Your Intuition

Even though there are countless articles about what each crystal can do for you, the fact is not every crystal will work the same for every person. That’s why it is recommended that you choose a crystal based on which ones you are drawn to.

Just because carnelian provides energy for most people, it might not for you.  Instead, you might experience an entirely different sensation from it.

Crystals are responsive and interactive, which means they require us to play an active role so that they can do their work. When we use our intuition to guide us as we use crystals, we will have far better results.

2) You Assume It Won’t Work

Most people don’t realize the energy they put out when they poo-poo an idea. Basically, the energy is saying, “Stay away! I don’t believe in you and I never will, so don’t even try anything.”

Seriously, what could possibly break through that wall? It would take a pretty knock-you-over-the-head solution to make it through so that you’d believe it works. And crystals just aren’t like that.

Crystals provide subtle energy that is felt over time and as you become more sensitive to them. It can often take months or even years to start noticing their energy. As you begin using crystals more often and start using them in different ways, you’ll become more and more open to and aware of their energy.

3) You’re Expecting Too Much

The biggest thing to remember about crystals is that they work along with you; they don’t fix you.

Here’s an example to illustrate this for you: Let’s say you want to lose weight. Would you expect to pop a diet supplement, consume 5000 calories a day, never exercise, and still lose weight?

Of course not! Even if you take the diet supplement, you’ll still need to make other healthy lifestyle changes in order to see any results. There is no magic pill.

The same thing goes for crystals. They can do a lot for us, and for many people, they are life-changing, but they aren’t going to fix you on their own. In order to enjoy their benefits, you need to be actively striving for the results you are seeking so that your crystals can work together with you to get those results.

Crystals help us make changes in our lives by bringing on those changes a little faster or easier. They are a great addition to a spiritual or healthy lifestyle and should not be used instead of other important health and wellness solutions.

4) You Need to Clear Your Crystals

The natural frequency of crystals can become disrupted when they are around certain energies, such as negative energy being released during a healing session, electromagnetic energy from electronics, tension from arguments, or emotional trauma. It can also be disrupted when other people handle them.

Crystals need to be cleared when they have been in contact with these types of energies, and on a regular basis. That way, we allow the natural frequency of the crystal to stay intact so that it can work efficiently and effectively.

There are many methods for clearing crystals, some of which include vocal toning, placing them on an amethyst geode, cleansing them in salt water, and smudging. You can learn more about these methods and some additional ones here.

Have you experienced a crystal not working for you? What did you do to overcome it? Drop a comment below so we can all learn from each other.

About the Author: Faith M. Davis is a writer for Cosmic Cuts, an online dealer of high-quality crystals and minerals. Specializing in amethyst geodes, Cosmic Cuts provides ease of access to the highest quality, rarest mineral specimens. They offer free shipping and a free gift on ALL orders, and every crystal comes with a certificate of authority. https://cosmiccuts.com

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