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This Leo Season Will Fill You Up With Passion & Positive Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun moves in Leo on July 23 signaling the advent of another season – the Leo Season.

The season will last till August 23, so Leos will get a whole month to host birthday parties as the Sun stays in transit. But the energy of the movement in itself, the position of the Sun, is going to affect everyone.

According to astrologer Narayana Montúfar, every single instance the sun moves from its place in Cancer to Leo, there is an immense energy shift that catapults many new changes.

Since this is one of the Sun’s favorite signs, coupled with its fixed fiery nature, Leo brings a host of passion, energy and self- expression to the party.

Irrespective of what our zodiacs are, the next 4 weeks would see us putting our creativity where it belongs- channeling it into our efforts to get what we truly seek.

Leos are universally famous for being social, outgoing and immensely dynamic. All one has to do is turn towards Hollywood celebrities with Leo in their zodiacs to prove it. But while this period will allow us to be in the limelight, there would be several obstacles as well.

A Leo’s kryptonite is being involved in negative things like drama or any egoistical outbursts that might harm their standing in society.

The Sun will be joined by Venus and Mars when it transits Leo. Now with the addition of action-seeking Mars and pleasure enthused Venus, things are obviously going to get shaken up.

As the two planets would collude in Leo with the Sun’s rays illuminating them, one can definitely expect an upward swing in sexual arousal and desire.

These will get heightened during the New Moon in Leo which would bring in an emotional face to this whole dance. The New Moon will take place on July 31st.

Finances and romance might also find its place in this Leo season, so don’t shift your focus away from matters of the heart or money. Who knows, you might get a big promotion or find someone who truly loves you?

Obviously, not everything is going to be sunshine and daisies. Uranus would throw a wrench in Leo’s plans of a seamless month by putting out negative and callous energy into the universe.

All this would lead to one of Leo’s greatest weakness- drama. Scandals would come to light, especially when Mercury turns direct next month. So, you have been properly warned.

Leo will play host to Mercury on 11th August. We would see Mercury ending its ‘retro shade’ phase on 15th August. The entire action will take place under the influence of the Aquarius full moon.

15th August is going to be an important day as well, since Venus and Sun would reconnect with each other, taking us all the way back to 2015, where this entire vision of desire and love began.

Liza Stardust, a noted astrologer, mentions that this would be one of the fitting pieces to the puzzle of our dreams.

As it stands with most astrological phenomena the biggest thing to learn from any event is loving your own self. Similarly, this season will expect you to grasp your true worth and realize who you are.

Stand straight for what you believe in, and commit to it fully- the zeal to love yourself. Be happy, feel loved.

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