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Why Being An Empath Is Not A Bad Thing At All

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by Conscious Reminder

While empathy is a gift, empaths find it harder to deal with life because of their heightened sensitivity.

Sometimes the negativity in this world just becomes too much for them to handle but by no means does it mean that they are not strong. They are just aware of their psychic powers and it is essential that they be allowed to hone these skills.

Empaths can sense what is going on in your head. They also get psychic communications which appear to them as odors and scents, different shades and hues. These communications reveal an alternate plane of reality to them and if they can connect with the vibrations of these messages, their power will only increase.

The Sixth Sense – ESP

Not unlike a sci fi movie, there are individuals who can sense another person’s emotions very accurately just by the subtle shifts in their bodies. By practicing this skill and honing it to the best of their ability, it is not impossible for them to be able to read thoughts or see the future.

Empathy enables you to see the intentions of others so empaths always have an advantage over others. They can stay away from circumstances that they would rather avoid. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sense a fight brewing and work towards moving away from that situation? We’d be able to live peacefully. An empath can improve upon their abilities and use them to their advantage.

Using Their Abilities To Help Themselves

Restrictive societal norms have ensured that many of us are not able to reveal our true feelings. When our own pain is so hard to carry, imagine having to shoulder the weight of everyone else’s as well? This is what empaths have to do while also using their power to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

It would be great for an empath if they could rationalize their own feelings and push them in a particular direction. This could help all of us. Rather than feeling hurt when someone says something insulting, think about why they said what they did before you respond. You’ll be able to come up with peaceful solutions and prevent your conversation from escalating into a full blown fight.

Negativity Like Dark Clouds On The Horizon

This is how Empaths can sense negativity and it allows them to steer the other way. It’s a huge advantage to know when tension is subtly building up.

Think of a doctor’s waiting room. It’s dreadful sitting there without knowing what’s going to happen. But you have all kind of art work, books and toys to distract yourself with while you wait. This is what Empaths do.

When people close to them are going through pain and sorrow, it is an empath’s duty to help them find the light in all that darkness. If you’re an empath who is struggling with this task, try to being by bringing up things that have happened to you as a means of encouraging your friend. Or get them a little present, maybe some sweets or some pretty trinket. Let them know how much you care about them.

It’s not easy being so sensitive about your own feelings as well as by all your senses. An empath can even become sensitive and itchy due to the detergents used to wash their clothes. Rough cloth can really annoy them.

They suffer from indigestion which can’t be helped by allopathic means. If you want to see something hilarious and painful at the same time, hang around when an empath is trying to clean up their pet’s poo. But yes, this does not mean that they are lacking in strength. It is only their heightened sensitivity at play.

Imagine an empath as a cook, completely aware of each and every subtle shift in flavor. They are the people who protest the use of harsh substances that are destroying our surroundings. With their powers, they can create spaces full of quiet and beauty even in the midst of our concrete prisons.

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