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Happiness Is A Birthright And You Deserve It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Why should we be happy? I mean, it does sound quite eccentric, the entire question. For long, we have simply been happy, but have we ever asked ourselves, why?

To put the rationale simply, we need to be happy, because we are built to use happiness. Not in the way that our existence has measured out a path for us and we need to walk on that while keeping a smile on our face, but in a truly biologically functioning way.

If our body stays depressed throughout, we tend to be frail, weak, and utterly suicidal. A healthy, happy mind results in a healthy, happy body. And a happy body entails a happy life. Why wouldn’t someone want that?

Yet, the answer doesn’t seem to burn that bright. Well, in purely pragmatic terms, your sadness doesn’t matter to anyone.

No one cares why you are sad, or when you will stop being sad, or anything as such. In fact, the only person who gets affected and subsequently weakened by sadness is you yourself.

The more you stay depressed, the lesser your body develops, the lesser you grow. And soon, you find yourself in a plateau where there is no growth, simply monotony. You don’t see an end to this misery, and yet you have no other way to get behind it.

This doesn’t come through when you are happy. You connect, you understand, you reason and you thrive. You learn the ways of the world, and you know what to do with your life, and if possible, be happier.

You deserve happiness because one’s past doesn’t signify the person they are right now. Everyone has a past, where they make stupid mistakes, without knowing better.

Should that prevent someone from attaining true happiness later in their life, when they are wiser and can prevent others from making the same mistakes? No.

There is no bravery in being sad. There is no power in hiding yourself in fear and depression. One needs to burn brightly in the world, for people to take inspiration from them. Everyone is a source of inspiration for everyone else.

No one fights the same battles. So if your neighbor can put up a bright smile on his face, even after being broken and battered by life, why can’t you?

Remember, you would only be giving darkness more power if you refuse to acknowledge the potential you have in yourself. The most important point here is, life goes on, it depends on how you see the road you walk on.

You need, nay deserve happiness in your life because that makes you human. You know who you are, you know what your place is.

You understand what life is all about, and you realize that perfection isn’t plausible. But happiness doesn’t discriminate. It wants you, as you are. Bruised, broken, but happy.

And such is life.

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