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New SuperMoon July 31st: Step In The Role Of The King/Queen That You Are

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming New Moon, which is also a Black Super Moon, will be in Leo at 8.36 degrees. The double Eclipses now give way to optimism, creativity, and courage.

New Moons demand replenishment of our energies, but it is also the time to focus on our true intentions and see them turn to fruition with the waxing of the Moon.

Focus all your thoughts on positivity, gratitude, and your goals.

This New Moon timing is a bit tricky:

Leo New Moon

This Leo Moon gives us the opportunity to let our true spirit shine. All of us have a bit of the spark of the divine Sun in our hearts and we must spread this warmth.

The Lunar month is the time to play small, to avoid negative energies. But with diminishing confidence, we must remember not to collapse. Find the strength within.

The Moon and the Sun inconjunct in Leo. This is the time to claim your inner king/queen.

Leave your fears of the unknown behind as you embark on a journey of self-discovery to reach your vision for the future. When you move ahead with daring, you will also inspire those around you to follow the same.

The Leo Moon gives the archetypal energy of the entrepreneur who prefers to take measured risks and investing in themselves.

Society now is being changed by ethical entrepreneurship. Private sector workers have the flexibility of going beyond the rules of bureaucracy.

Those among us who look beyond their personal gains will be growing their business faster than the ones who no longer nurture the qualities of honor and the oneness of all humans in the Aquarian Age.

Hence take the time this month to understand how you can punch a difference in the world with your gifts and build your own vision or even assist someone else’s vision which resonates with your desires.

Leaders Of The New World

The old paradigm of a single ruler above all is being replaced by a newer version now. There is shared leadership where both masculine and feminine qualities contribute externally and internally.

Venus will be at 4° Leo, Mars at 19°Leo, which will either amplify war or love but that will depend on your capability to identify your ego and transcend beyond.

The volatile Uranus is at 6° Taurus, which might make you come up with innovative resolves. Uranus dictates sudden changes and realizations, and you might have some surprising moments waiting for you.

Uranus in the New Moon now will challenge you to humble your own ego and find your inner strength. Insight will tell you how might have sabotaged your own desires due to certain fears. The Uranus in Taurus will bring you to act according to your own desires.

Time To Heal

Chiron will now form a cordial trine with the Moon and the Sun. Chiron helps our wounds to heal, which may have in the past sabotaged our own potential to live fully with the desires of our hearts.

This can be the time to shift the conflicting wounds of your inner child as Chiron will be in Aries, the child, and warrior.

The last Lunar month had two extreme Eclipses. But with Mercury now resting in Cancer during the New Moon, you will have the time to heal your heart from the consequences of the Eclipses.

Also, the Mercury Retrograde pauses now, amplifying communication of the heart. The higher mind will share new perspectives from the Retrograde time.

Although the Retrograde comes to an end with the New Moon, its shadow will affect us for the coming two weeks.

Mercury will move back into Leo and this time period can be utilized to access the higher mind. Intuitive insights can guide your actions potentially.

Enjoy the beautiful Black Super New Moon and stay safe!

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