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Love The Shape Of You, Your Soul Chose Your Body

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Your body is a temple. It does not define your essence and all that you are but allows your essence to manifest and communicate with the world.

Your body is your vessel in the 3D realm. It is your soul’s home and as such you need to take care of it, honor it and respect it. But above all, what we have to do and what brings us back to total contact with ourselves is to accept it.

Accept yourself and your body.

Look in the mirror. Take a few minutes to look deep into your own eyes. It is a somewhat unsettling exercise because the eyes are the windows to the soul of every living being. The eyes are the door of our temple.

Standing like that, staring into your eyes can either give you peace or anxiety. In your eyes, you can see people you never knew. You can remember things, see pictures you are not sure whether they belong to you or someone else.

But through this simple yet very powerful exercise, you can start understanding who you are, get rid of certain moods, awaken the emotions you’ve tried to suppress, love yourself. Get to know yourself.

Listen to Your Body

A slightly gentler exercise to acknowledge and accept your body is to give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed in the morning (or before bed), to listen to every body part. Your arms, your legs, your head, your torso — test their lightness or heaviness.

Pay attention to tensions you’ve never noticed. Become aware of your breathing. Explore your veins, your arteries (your rivers) and listen to them, get in sync with their rhythm.

Talk to that part of your body that you never liked. Try to understand why this is so.

There is no person or law outside of you that has the right to determine what your form in the world will be, your way of experiencing corporeality, the way your body wants to express itself to manifest joy and well-being or discomfort.

Categories such as “ugly” and “beautiful” have always been subjective and temporary. Each of us is different and has the right and duty to manifest our corporeality, form, and holiness through a body different from any other.

The difference between a successful person (in health, work, and relationships) and a frustrated or unrealized person has never been in aesthetics, but in the degree of acceptance of one’s body: acceptance with love.

Faced with the light that a person can radiate, others no longer focus on cellulite, size, curves, wrinkles, etc. Faced with the light that anyone who has accepted their body can radiate, other people voluntarily bend over, fascinated.

You will slowly realize that there is no such thing as ugly.

You can’t see something without feeling it.

There is no clear separation between our senses: try to eat in the dark and feel how different your food tastes.

So, walk around the world proud of your body, your unique and exclusive way of being, the name you carry, the energy you radiate, the features you have built over the years.

The body is like a holy book: like a tree, it remembers every trauma, every period full of love, every diet, every victory, every symbolism, every memory, and also every time you denied and betrayed it due to any external factors …

The body is your personal temple. Treat it with love and devotion. Listen to it. Practice recognizing every signal it sends you long before you get alerted (for better or worse).

It is your holy book, read it with respect. It contains ancestral wisdom that transcends any of your mental abilities. Listen to the instructions it offers you. Examine it carefully, never doubt its messages and share it only with those who are really worth it.

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