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Powerful Sirius Gateway Opens This Weekend: Expand Your Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

In astrological circles, the first week of July is always considered to be important for all of humanity.

This is usually the period when we can expand our spiritual consciousness beyond what we think to be its peak.

This period marks the farthest distance of the Sun from the Earth, implying that the Sun’s energy is extremely weak on Earthlings. Now, why would that be important or even good?

As we know, Sun’s energy is extremely important for all of humanity to grow and exist. But in this scenario, as the Sun is quite some distance away from Earth, we have Sirius- a star that shines 23 times brighter than the Sun- rooting for us.

Ancient history begets that the star Sirius has always been considered to be one of the most important stars in the Cosmos. In Mesopotamia, Sirius was thought to be the gateway to Heaven- for it was the star of Isis- the goddess of birth and death.

The Shamans believed that Sirius was the abode of the divine beings, who would open venture to the gateway to exchange messages.

During the first week of July, we have Sirius shining extraordinarily bright- because the Sun is far, far away. This allows us to feel the full energy of the star on our Earth- as we can use it to further our spiritual advancement.

Sirius is often referred to as Earth’s spiritual sun, precisely because it provides information about higher realms of consciousness, which is imperative for our development.

The first week of July is guaranteed to be a period of higher vibrations when much more potent energy is going to permeate the atmosphere. Interestingly, our creative intellect will be at an all-time high, and so will our intuition.

Since Sirius is the place for technological advancements, it is no surprise that we will be surrounded by a desire to create and fulfill our curiosities.

Sirius is all about going beyond what you think is plausible, or real. It is about ripping through your limitations and exploring your true potential. And that potential is freedom. As we let go of our inhibitions, our constraints, or our limitations, we are able to experience feelings, emotions, and sentiments that go beyond our 5 auxiliary senses.

If you want to initiate the spiritual activation in the first week of July, it is extremely important that you start a new meditation habit. This process should definitely focus on exploring and opening your mind’s eye.

You could also dabble a bit into cleansing your aura, as it might help you achieve that spiritual node you are looking for. And if you are employed in the technological field, this might be the best time for you to bring out your gear and start inventing.

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