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What Secrets Does The July 31 New Moon Hold For Your Zodiac Sign?

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by Conscious Reminder

The July New Moon on the 31st will give us all confidence to express our desires and dreams.

The lack of lunar light two times in the same month will make everyone turn inwards and focus on personal advancements. Though the New Moon’s effects will differ with each zodiac sign, the focus on growth is constant.

Here’s what the upcoming New Moon has in store for each of the zodiacs.


This July New Moon will give you the energy to socialize with your friends. The cosmic energies will guide you to your friends and even make you meet new and interesting people, which will be beneficial for you for the upcoming lunar round.


Your focus will now shift to your home. Decoration ideas are bubbling inside you and this is a good time to redecorate your home.


While you love gossip, this July New Moon might bring to light some very wrong information about you. But since you are aware of the truth, you’ll be able to easily squash these rumors to set things straight.


This July New Moon might bring some financial woes for you. But no need to feel lonely and burdened. People will willingly come up to you to help.


Since the New Moon takes place in your house, you will be receiving the most of its light. Enjoy the time to its fullest with your superhuman powers being amplified.


As we are nearing Virgo season, this New Moon is the time for you to relax and rejuvenate. The coming season will be a time of soul searching so use this time now to clear your mind and relax.


The July New Moon will be bringing changes to your social group. You must be open to meet new people as these relations will turn worthwhile in the near future.


If you have been working hard and waiting for a promotion, this is the time for you. The New Moon will get you just that opportunity so make sure you grab it with both hands.


On the day of the New Moon, go back to reading or some yoga. Your higher mind will be in overdrive during this time so use it to get some inspiration to move ahead.


Be careful not to waste your money this coming week. Planning is what you need. So stay in and plan your finances so that the coming month would be a bit easier for your wallet.


The July New Moon will help you move ahead in the romantic relationship you have been developing for a while now. You will have the blessings of the stars as you take your next step in the relationship.


Colleagues will now seem friendlier and your status quo is about to change with them for the better. As you find new friends in your workspace, it will give you renewed energy to excel at your job.

Although a New Moon’s light is not so bright, the upcoming Super Black New Moon on July 31st will shine on us with the best plans for our future.

Make sure to thank the Mother Divine as you move ahead in life with this July New Moon.

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