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Why Smudging Is So Much More Than Some Occult Hogwash

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Many people think of smudging as just another in the long line of the paraphernalia associated with the occult.

Burning sage, candles and the rest is a very important part of my daily practice which helps me cleanse the air around my workplace before I set down to get things underway. Not just sage and candles, even pendulums and crystals can be very powerful tools if you are trying to balance out the energies in your house.

What many people don’t realize is that old energies, when left untreated can negatively affect our productivity and get in the way of us achieving our true potential.

During the events of our day, we incur a lot of energies and assimilate them into our souls, the pain and trauma we suffer, old karma that is no longer serviceable to us and many other things which burdens us and bogs us down without us even realizing it.

Add to it the energies that we attain unknowingly, and which are not at all healthy for us, cleanse becomes downright mandatory.

We need to get rid of all this stagnant energy from our system. Unless and until we are free of all this which brings us down, we will not be able to attain our true goals as human beings. This is just an act of simplifying our lives which can then help us focus on what really matters.

And this is why smudging is not just another hippie nonsense. It is important, nay essential for our overall well-being. Neither is it as simple as lighting some incense and enjoying the fragrance. It is actually quite difficult and takes a lot of effort. We need to be willing and focused for it to work. It takes a lot of concentration to detach old and negative energy from us.

When we light the sage, we have to set our intentions very clearly. We are allowing the smoke from the sage to gather up all the bad energy and carry those upwards with it. All those energies attach themselves to the particles of the ever rising smoke and leave our vicinity, leaving a cleaner and lighter environment behind them.

We are mere humans and every day we come in contact with numerous energies which are far beyond our comprehension. Using these methods of smudging or the other are not just fads that one is blindly following trying to be one from the hip crowd. We are actually taking help from the elements of the Earth.

We need all the help that we can get in our journey and sage and such are just a few of the tools which are available to us to make use of. When we are aware of the energies that impact us and the effects of these tools, we would be able to better channel our resources into achieving what matters instead of struggling with those which are obsolete.

Incense and smudge works by separating negative aura from us and letting it drift away. Some sound tools can also be used for this as they break these energies by their vibrations and let them drift away from us. Be aware of how you feel before and after using one of such practices.

See what works for you. It doesn’t mean that you will try everything and think of this cleansing process as another excuse to go on a shopping trip. But when you are self aware you’d know what works best for you and will be able to get the maximum benefit from the same.

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