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How The Root Chakra Relates To Money Matters, Survival & Abundance

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Of the seven major chakras in the body, the root chakra is most closely connected to money matters, survival and abundance issues.

The information we carry in this energy center determines how we attract and distribute financial wealth, how we relate to work and career, and how trusting and prosperous we are in life.

When our root chakra is balanced with our own energy and information flowing through it, we feel grounded and connected to the earth, trusting and abundant, and we know how to take care of ourselves materially and financially. This grounding support creates a foundation for the other six chakras. For a brief description of each of the chakras, read the article Understanding the Chakras and their Purpose.

For additional resources on chakra balancing read, The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You. And for tips on how to fully own, heal and balance your first chakra, read on.

Root Chakra Healing and Balancing

The root chakra or first chakra is located at the base of the spine, between the ovaries in a female and a bit lower near the prostate in a male. It spins and vibrates at a certain frequency, sending energy flowing through it from front to back. The first chakra is directly connected to a grounding cord that flows to the center of the planet, creating a connection to the earth which supports a person to release tensions, emotions, problems and foreign energy (other people’s judgments, emotions, and problems) out of their space.

When fully owned, energy flows easily through it supporting all the organs and bodily functions located near it. You feel safe, secure, trusting, supported and financially abundant. Your survival instincts are intact and you are able to handle money matters easily. If not owned, there may be trust issues, financial problems and feelings of insecurity or scarcity.

Here are three simple tools to help you own, heal and clear your root chakra.

1. Own your chakra with awareness. Being aware that you have a chakra with energy flowing through it will support you to own and clear it.

Close your eyes and bring your awareness into the center of your head, back from your analyzer which is in the forehead area (this will support you to see and sense the energy rather than think about it). Place a hand over the front of your first chakra. Take a few minutes to simply breathe and connect with the energy and information flowing through this energy center. Set an intention to own this chakra for yourself.

2. Heal your chakra with love. Pure love is high vibration that supports all healing. With eyes closed, center within and touch into the vibration of love.

It may help to think of someone or something you love, but then let that go and focus on the feeling of love as it flows through your heart and body. Bring this loving energy into your root chakra. Let it flow from front to back; mending, soothing and healing any blocks or disruptions in this energy center.

3. Clear your chakra with presence. With all of your own spiritual energy in your chakras there is no room for anyone else’s information, beliefs or judgments. Close your eyes, find your center, and say hello to yourself as a spiritual being bigger than your mind and body.

Then bring all of your awareness into the center of your first chakra. Imagine you, a spiritual being, sitting in the middle of this energy center. From a place of stillness and neutrality, notice what is going on in this chakra.

Tune into what is your truth and highest information about money matters, survival and abundance. Then notice what is not your truth, your information or your energy. Simply say hello to this foreign energy and move it out with your presence.

Doing this from a place of non-resistance, ease and amusement will help you to fully own and clear this chakra.

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